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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Reflections on the Most Dangerous Weapon: Human Nature

On average, there are 30,000 gun-related deaths per year in the United States. Two-thirds of the total number are suicides. The remaining one-third (about 10,000 deaths) are due to deliberate homicide, violent crime, police action and (at the bottom of the list) accidental shooting. Considering that some 85 MILLION legal gun owners possess over 300 MILLION guns in the United States, this means that far less than one-tenth of one-tenth of one-percent of legal gun owners could even possibly be responsible for all the gun-related deaths in America.

I mean, if there is a scientific, demonstrable correlation between the proliferation of guns and the number of deaths in a country, then — with 85 MILLION legal gun owners and over 300 MILLION guns in the United States — why aren't there MILLIONS of gun deaths in this country? Even anti-gun, anti-constitution wackos have to admit that the number of gun-related deaths is miraculously low for such a heavily-armed population.

You can't credit law enforcement for these low numbers, because they are doing a lot of the killing, themselves.  Rather, you can credit a remarkably restrained population of gun owners who do not immediately resort to lethal force.

In those nations that have banned guns, the killing goes on, unabated. The largest single-shooter killing spree in WORLD HISTORY occurred on July 22, 2011 in Norway (a "gun-free" nation) when Anders Breivik shot and killed 69 people and wounded 110 more (critically wounding 55 of them). Oh, an hour earlier, he also murdered 8 people and wounded over 200 with a homemade bomb, but we're not counting bombs, are we?

As an asides, Breivik was sentenced to only 21 years in prison. Gotta love the anti-gun, anti-death-penalty mentality, right?

In Britain, knife crime is a growing problem, although gangs still prefer to use firearms in that "gun free" nation. In Spain there is a knife problem. In France there is a growing knife problem. In Denmark there is also a knife problem; interestingly, the Danish police say that, when knives are available, they are used more frequently and with more devastating effect than guns.

Knife crimes started spiking in Japan after they banned private gun ownership, and there are still knife attacks that claim many lives there every year; but that nation was rocked in 2001 when a knife-wielding man entered an Osaka elementary school and murdered 8 children and seriously wounded 13 more children and two teachers in what was the largest single-killer mass-murder in modern Japanese history. Another of the more outstanding knife frenzies was the Tokyo mass-murder of 2007, when a lone attacker murdered 7 people and wounded 7 more in a shopping district, which caused Japanese officials to seriously consider banning hunting knives. Rising knife crime is still a major concern in Japan.

Within the last month, there have been TWO mass-murders in China using knives only. The first occurred when 8 knife-wielding attackers killed 29 people and wounded 143 others at a Kunming train station. The second attack occurred a little over a week later when a guy killed 6 people in a Changsha marketplace, reportedly "hacking to death" one of his victims. The Chinese aren't so lenient with knife-wielding mass-murderers — their armed police shoot down offenders in the street.

Point is, banning weapons does not address the problem of mental instability and violent human nature. It doesn't actually matter about the availability of weapons — we'll kill each other with any weapon we can obtain. While weapons come and go, our homicidal nature has not changed throughout Human history.

However, today we sensationalize mass murder, particularly in the West, and we use it to drive our political agendas. Curiously, one of the first questions we ask in America following a sensational murder spree is "Was the killer a Left-winger or a Right-winger?"  (In point of fact, FBI statistics show that liberal Left-wingers are twice as likely to go on homicidal sprees, including bombings, assassinations, mass-shootings, and other acts of domestic terrorism.)

Our state-owned news media would have you believe that mass-murders are on the increase across America, particularly on school campuses; but this is patently untrue. Law enforcement statistics show that the frequency of murder on school campuses has remained unchanged for many decades. I mean, quickly, can you tell me the worst homicidal attack on a school campus in U.S. history? Did you think of Columbine in 1999? Did you think of the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007? Or maybe you immediately chose the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012?

Guess again.

The worst homicidal attack on a school campus in U.S. history occurred in Bath, Michigan, in 1927.

A guy named Andrew Kehoe killed 38 elementary school children and six adults and injured 58 others when he premeditatedly detonated hundreds of pounds of dynamite under the Bath Consolidated School. He even waited at the demolished school for rescuers to arrive so he could detonate more dynamite, killing himself and and the school superintendent and seriously injuring many rescuers.

The sickness is in humanity, it's not in the choice of weapon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Knowing what we know of Obama's "promises," here's a little something for illegal aliens to think about...

HOO BOY... Portugal Drug Legalization Held Up as a Model for America?

2012 pro-decriminalization meme that is still circulating on Facebook.

To Which I Reply...

Socialist Portugal just opened all the doors and windows in 2001 and let the drugs flow and dealt with the addicts after the fact, using other people's money. Yep, that sounds fairly Socialist, alright.  Not surprisingly, the Democrat Socialist Party was voted out of power in Portugal in 2011, ten years after legalizing all drugs.  Yet, U.S. proponents of drug legalization still seize upon Portugal as a model for success.

To put this in perspective, the entire nation of Portugal has a population of only 10 million people. That's just slightly more than the population of New York City. Without fail, these "success stories" of legalized drugs and nationalized healthcare are always found in comparatively tiny countries that represent little more than classroom experiments.

Socialism can be made to work in the classroom; but it consistently FAILS when implemented in populations of hundreds of millions.

It would make more sense, to me, for the super-nations to secure their borders and try to keep illicit drugs (and Socialism) on the outside, rather than to permit the cancer to spread throughout the population, draining the economy, dividing society, and fracturing national will.

The citizens of the Russian Federation and the European Union can tell you all about depleted economies, divided societies and fractured national will; but, then again, the Russian Federation and the European Union are accustomed to a thousand years of decadence and oppression and brutality and submission.

The United States, however, is not a submissive country.  Traditionally, the USA tends to fight back.

As one of the most militarily-imposing nations the world has ever seen, the United States has a history of approaching our various national challenges as "wars" — not just military operations, either, but social challenges, such as the "War on Cancer" and the "War on Obesity" and the "War on Poverty" and the "War on Terrorism" and the "War on Drugs," et cetera, ad infinitum.

I mean, it's not as if the United States ever actually pursued a real "War on Drugs" or a "War on Poverty" or any of those other "wars"... We did NOT pursue them, except to give the American people vigorous lip service. This is not unlike our repeated "Immigration Reform" initiatives that go thoroughly unenforced.

I contend that we have never tried to staunch the flow of drugs into this country in any manner that could be accurately described as a "war"...  Rather, we pumped billions of dollars into the corrupt governments of Colombia and Mexico, presumably to prop-up their "wars" against drug cartels; however, the cartels OWN so much of the government in Latin America, I'm sure that most of our money went straight into the cartels themselves. 

That's a leadership problem in the USA; that's the scheme of throwing money at a problem but never taking definitive ACTION.  When such schemes fall flat on their faces, the U.S. government retreats to its ivory tower, offering only denial and obfuscation, and relying on the state-run press to divert the public's limited attention elsewhere.

Even when we hear about these bloody shootouts on the Mexican/U.S. border — precipitated by debacles such as "Operation Fast & Furious," through which the Department of Justice PROVIDED illegal weapons to drug traffickers in Mexico — our press somehow distorts the the story into a lament over the "proliferation of guns" in the USA.

Which is not what it's about.  Not at all.

These shootouts with drug traffickers who are packing American-made weapons are a testament to our ineffectual and backwards border security policies.

For godsake, our U.S. federal government is trafficking weapons and money and drugs into and out of foreign nations under the pretense of "U.S. National Security"; that is more than mere lip service or a lie to the American people, it's TREASON, inasmuch as our government is instigating and participating in highly illegal activities that are killing American citizens.

For the billions of dollars that the USA has spent on the bogus "War on Drugs," we could've constructed a 1500-mile-long steel-and-concrete barrier 20 feet high along our entire southern border, manned with observers and the highest-tech surveillance equipment and weaponry available — thus stemming the flow of illegal aliens and drug traffickers and potential terrorist threats.

Instead, our federal government has actively financed and supplied and enabled all of these illegal activities and made the problems exponentially WORSE than they were.  Now their "solution" is to grant amnesty and citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens (the very rumor of which has increased illegal immigration and border violence by 25% in the last 3 years), and then address border security after the fact.

Whereupon we're right back to "throwing open all the doors and windows," permitting a virtual invasion from Mexico, and passing the consequences on to the American taxpayer.

This sort of thinking — legalizing that which is illegal, opening the floodgates, and then sorting out the aftermath using other people's money — is entirely backwards and counter-productive. If we would only take decisive and timely and committed action from the beginning, instead of playing Socialist politics, we wouldn't HAVE most of the social and economic crises that we endure today in America.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PBS photo-retouch for the "Secret Lives of Scientists and Engineers" Website, replacing the
busts of American  leaders with the grinning heads of left-leaning pop-science personalities.

To Which I Reply...

Disciples of Carl Sagan, indeed.

It's important to note that the "disciples" cited in the above-linked blog are politically-motivated eco-alarmists...especially Michelle Thaller, Bill Nye and Neil Tyson. These latter-day spewers of scientific dogma have parroted their cherished Saganisms — vague cliches such as "all the grains of sand" and "primordial soup" and "nuclear winter" and "not a matter of IF but WHEN" — for decades, without even attempting to advance any fresh metaphor or rhetoric.

The real difference between these "disciples" and their departed guru is that Carl Sagan actually was brilliant and original and able to effectively communicate complex astrophysical concepts to the general public; and Sagan did so without supercilious editorialism.   

This latest crop of Saganites, however, have significantly lowered the bar when it comes to science and education, siezing every opportunity to not only lecture their audience in kiddie-speak, but to impart their political sentiments above and beyond any actual scientific insights.

The "disciples" and their zealous followers will protest: "That's the whole point of lowering the bar — so more DUMMIES can understand our stagnant scientific theories.  That's how modern education works!"

But, no, the point is that these "edutainment" personalities are not providing science educations so much as condescending political lectures.  American education has been in a death spiral for more than 20 years thanks to lowered educational standards; and these pop-science personalities such as Thaller, Nye and Tyson aren't actually INSPIRING anyone, as did Carl Sagan.

Rather, and deplorably, these modern talking heads spend more time spreading FEAR of asteroid impacts and super volcanoes and tsunamis and gamma ray bursts and anthropogenic global warming THEORIES than they do teaching scientific method. Because, surely, if they were teaching REAL science, they would warn their audience of the perils of fear-mongering THEORY.

Monday, March 3, 2014

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