Sunday, July 14, 2019

We Must INSIST that the Left STOP Using the term "Immigrant" in the ILLEGAL ALIEN Issue...

The first thing American citizens need to do is STOP calling illegal aliens by the candy-coated name "immigrants"... The Left wants to firmly plant the term "immigrants" in everyone's mind, which confuses any debate on the issue. 

Illegal Aliens are NOT "immigrants," inasmuch as illegal aliens have circumvented the U.S. immigration system and are knowingly breaking U.S. Federal Law.  That's why our Immigration and Naturalization laws refer to them, officially, as "illegal aliens" and NOT "immigrants"... because there's a huge distinction.  Immigrants do the real work of legally immigrating, while illegal aliens basically shit all over American law while draining this nation's resources. 

In spite of this very clear legal distinction between "immigrants" and "illegal aliens," the Left deliberately refuses to use the official terminology and slips in the word "immigrants" instead, falsely trying to make the issue look like an attack on immigrants, when it's not. 

This strategy has everyone on both ends of the political spectrum discussing and arguing about "immigrants," which makes it easier for the Left to propagate their insidious lies. 

So, what we SHOULD be doing is challenging the Left (including high-ranking Congressional Democrats and Republicans) EVERY TIME they try to slip the word "immigrants" into the debate.  We need to CALL THEM DOWN and INSIST they use the official terminology of U.S. Federal Law... ILLEGAL ALIEN. 

-- Zesko Whirligan