Monday, June 30, 2014

I've said this before... Everytime the central government is humiliated, they stage a mass-murder...  Tell me I'm wrong...

Yeah, I know people will ask, "HOW can the government ORCHESTRATE a 'random' incident?"

Look, it's an established FACT that the majority of mass shooters and bombers and "random" killers are ALREADY on the government's radar (the FBI knows about them, local police know about them), and most of these killers are on prescription psychoactive drugs — meaning that they have been under a doctor's care in the past (meaning that their mental health has been reported to the government).

Yes, doctors share your mental health information with the government. Don't be naive.

We also know that entertainment and news media content DOES motivate people to react and behave in predictable ways — the advertising industry wouldn't even exist if people weren't susceptible to "suggestion," right?

So, yeah, the government knows where the Left-wing nutbags are, they know their state of mental health, and the gubbmint strategically ALLOWS and ENCOURAGES these nutbags to go off the deep end.

Consider the recent case of Elliot Rodgers, the privileged little sissy-boy in Santa Barbara who murdered three people with a knife and three people with a gun before drilling a hole in his own head. A week earlier, Elliot's FAMILY called the police on him, because he was scaring them...

The police interviewed Elliot and the police WALKED AWAY, remarking that he was a "nice and polite" and a "wonderful" young man. Nevermind that he had been in psychotherapy for 14 years. Nevermind that he had posted SEVERAL homicidal rants in social media. The government knowingly and strategically ALLOWED Elliot Rodgers to go off the deep end.

It's the same story with EVERY assassin and mad bomber, from Lee Harvey Oswald to Ted Kaczynski in the past and right up to the present. The government already KNOWS about them, the killers are already on government radar. They are ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED to act out their deranged fantasies.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

KRAUTHAMMER: If Obama was a Republican, He Would Be IMPEACHED...

"Look, he is not a natural politician. I don't think he even likes politics, which is odd for a man who is president. He clearly has completely failed at doing what the president has to do, which is work with the other side. But the worst part of it is he doesn't care about the Constitution. There will be presidents after him. And if he he gets away with all this overreach — creating laws, rewriting laws, ignoring laws — it will be a occasional defeat for the country and for the rule of law, and I think that's the worst part of this. If this were a Republican, he would be impeached now over all of these abuses."

Monday, June 23, 2014

HERE is the source of ISIS Terrorism in Iraq: Barack Obama supported and supplied Syrian Rebels who were KNOWN Al Qaeda terrorists...

Once more, Rand Paul proves what an IDIOT he is by BLAMING BUSH for ISIS Terrorists invading and overthrowing Iraq...

That's funny, the ISIS Terrorists (who are backed by Al Qaeda) didn't even exist until Barack Obama pulled all American troops out of Iraq and started supplying Syrian Rebels (who are ALSO backed by Al Qaeda).  Rand Paul, you're an IDIOT, just like your father, Ron Paul.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

SONIC Drive-Ins and Other Restaurants Announce a BAN on Guns...

"SONIC confirmed that franchises will prohibit guns on all properties, but that they will refer to local laws if they see guns inside cars at drive-ins."  — MSNBC

You know what's ironic, or at least redundant?  Chili's Bar & Grill publicly announced the same thing, that guns aren't permitted on the premises.  Thing is, state and federal laws ALREADY prohibit carrying firearms into businesses that sell and serve alcohol.  Chili's, as you know, is as well known as a bar as it is a restaurant.

As we gun owners who have taken concealed carry courses know, one of the conditions of our permits is that we DO NOT carry into businesses that sell/serve alcohol... That means convenience stores, sports bars, restaurant/bars, public events where alcohol is served, etc.  So, Chili's announcement is pure lip-service, a political anti-gun statement to appease the spineless, cowardly anti-gun crowd.  It means NOTHING.

Another condition is that we don't carry in businesses that post a little 8x10 sign in the window, saying, "No Weapons Permitted"... That's fine, we have no problem with that.  But what we're seeing today at many Left-wing businesses across the country is GRANDSTANDING, making PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS to the WORLD that they WILL NOT TOLERATE guns.  And that is nothing but political posturing for a Left-wing agenda.

Again, it means NOTHING.

In fact, those businesses that are announcing "gun-free zones" — such as Jack-in the Box, Chipotle's, and many other Left-leaning businesses — are NOT promoting safety and security.  In recent days, several of those businesses that publicly ANNOUNCED such anti-gun stances have been robbed at people who DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS about the LAW.

These are businesses that are pandering to Left-wing, unconstitutional pressure to OUTLAW GUNS on as many properties as possible, which is a prelude to banning guns in public AND in private.