Saturday, October 14, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

Left-wing fanatics are jumping the shark AGAIN by claiming that Dr. Seuss was a "racist"...

Just for the record, Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was a card-carrying liberal Democrat his entire life.  Nonetheless, uneducated snowflake liberals today claim that Ted Geisel was "racist" because he did a series of advertising cartoons for FLIT insect repellent back between the 1920s and 1940s.

In a few of those cartoons, black jungle natives were depicted as wearing grass skirts; a couple of cartoons depicted Arabs riding camels; and, during WWII, one cartoon depicted a Japanese guy with buck-teeth and thick eyeglasses.


However, that makes Ted Geisel cartoons only about as "racist" and offensive as Mickey Mouse, Popeye and Bugs Bunny cartoons from the same time period.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

If these NFL spoiled brats want to protest "racism" and "oppression," why don't they use their millions of dollars to protest the oppression and racism (and modern slavery) in Africa, or the Middle East, or India, or China, or a hundred other places in the world where "racism" and "oppression" are REAL issues?

Because racism and oppression are NOT real issues in the USA.... In the USA, "racism" and "oppression" are FALSE NARRATIVES used to politically divide this country.
The kneeling that Colin Kaepernick started in the NFL last year was NEVER about "unity," and Kaepernick plainly said why he did it:

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color."

Which was and is a shameless lie.

The United States is the LEAST oppressive and LEAST discriminatory country on Earth, and that is a fact.

Either Kaepernick is too stupid to know the facts, or he is a lying instigator who uses the false narrative of "racism" to divide this country.

Which makes Kaepernick and everyone who follows his example the REAL racists.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Make no mistake, the anti-Americanism we see today is ALL about the Socialist Global Union fighting back against American sovereignty.

The rest of the savage world covets American wealth.  Period.

They want our borders dissolved, they want America divided, they want our history erased, they want American patriotism to die, and they want the American people completely disarmed so that we can't rebel against the Leftist tyrants in our government, education, entertainment and news media who are driving the global takeover.

Racism was NEVER the issue.  These volatile malcontents today don't even know what REAL racism is.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Deliberate, Self-Inflicted Amnesia

At some point, every culture across every age in recorded human history has defaced historical monuments and symbols and attempted to erase and/or rewrite history.

Ancient Egyptians did it pretty regularly, with the change of each dynasty.  Early Christians did it, replacing pagan temples with Christian churches.  Muslims have always destroyed "infidel" monuments, right up to the present.  The Mongols did it across Asia and Eastern Europe.  African tribes did it, Europeans did it in the New World, and American Indians did it, also.

There's just a backwards, self-destructive human tendency to obliterate monuments and flags and symbols and scriptures of prior (and usually more advanced) civilizations, in spite of the loss to history.

However, one of the things that most distinguished the United States from every other nation in human history was our dedication to PRESERVING our history, lest successive generations forget the origins of our founding principles.  It was really an evolutionary step out of the dark ages, to actually preserve that which went before us, both good and bad.

Today, we see the backwards human tendency to destroy history rearing its ugly head once more, this time in the guise of uneducated and vengeful "Social Justice Warriors," who offer only condemnation and destruction of the past, regardless of the loss to human memory and understanding.

Every race and every culture on earth has its own skeletons in the closet.  Every race and every culture is guilty of inhumanities at some point in the past.  If we go seeking modern "justice" for the crimes of our distant ancestors, then all human progress will dissolve into another dark age of ignorance and meaningless civil war.

Of Statues, Flags and False Flags...

Since last Saturday (August 12, 2017), "white supremacy" has suddenly caught fire in the mainstream press, with Left-wing activists, politicians, captains of industry and social media all gearing up for war against the insidious cancer of "white supremacy" (as personified, for the most part, by the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party).

All across the nation, throngs of Left-wing hate groups are rioting in the streets, spewing their hatred of America, destroying private property and business, threatening private citizens and public figures, attacking and injuring both police and bystanders, and now tearing down historical monuments, with more to come.

Yet, suddenly, ever since the violence in Charlottesville, America is entirely focused on "white supremacy" as the big, bad mother of all evil in this country.

Nobody knows the actual number of members comprising the many chapters of ANTIFA and BLM and associated Left-wing hate groups in America.  Those groups prefer to keep their numbers and identities a secret (because they publicly commit violent crime nationwide).

What IS known, however, is how many Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party members there are in America (because our various law enforcement agencies KEEP TRACK of those numbers).

The KKK has a current total membership of 3000 in the USA, while the American Nazi Party has a total membership of 400.  That's 3400 active, foaming white supremacists in the entire country.

Most of you belong to Facebook pages that each contain many thousands more members than the KKK and Nazi memberships combined.

So, WHY are these 3400 KKK and Nazi clowns MORE of a dire threat to America than the throngs of Left-wing hate mongers (such as ANTIFA and BLM) who are physically attacking and terrorizing America right before our eyes?

I'm calling it a false flag, a diversionary tactic.

The news outlets and activist groups and celebrities and politicians and corporate CEOs and social media platforms who are "going to war" against white supremacy are either gullible enough to believe the false Left-wing narrative, or they are complicit in shielding far more dangerous Left-wing terrorism.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Since President Trump said that he was going to ban "transgenders" from the U.S. military, I've seen a lot of Corporal Klinger memes, incorrectly portraying Klinger as a tranny.  But Klinger's actual motivation for cross-dressing exposes the whole "transgender" issue for what it really is...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

How is your funny "comedy" working out for you, Kathy?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Neil Gorsuch confirmed to U.S. Supreme Court today.  Next on the agenda...