Monday, January 30, 2012


You know, we keep hearing about these advances in propulsion technology, high-altitude aircraft that can travel Mach 10, ion propulsion systems, plasma propulsion, et cetera, ad infinitum; and the "edutainment" networks keep feeding our kids these fantasies about interstellar space travel, leading kids to think that we'll be zipping around the stars in a century or so.

Those are lies, pie-in-the-sky nonsense.  Truth is that edutainment is conditioning people to perceive Space with terrestrial blinders.  The distances and energy requirements of interstellar travel are so incomprehensibly vast that we're not going to be flitting around the stars in the near or the distant future, either.

Not using four-dimensional propulsion systems, anyway.

Ionic and plasmatic propulsion are still just four-dimensional means of propulsion. It's still just a means of moving through Space... Which is NOT how you travel around a Universe so vast that even Light Speed isn't a meaningful velocity.

To travel interstellar and intergalactic distances within a meaningful time frame (like, well within a Human lifespan), you'd have to travel so fast that you'd never be able to contact those people you left behind. Which means you'd be starting civilization over EVERY TIME you reached a destination.

See what I mean?

Let's say you were able to accelerate to a billion times the speed of light... After two seconds at this speed, the human species that you left behind is EXTINCT. Oops. So YOU'RE IT... You're the sole representative of the Human species, several million years in the future.

Sorry, but that's how Einsteinian Physics works. The faster you travel in Space, the slower you travel in Time. Time Dilation would keep you forever young, but the rest of your species would die off. So you'd have to keep SEEDING Humanity, wherever you traveled.

My point is, four-dimensional Space travel aint gonna work in the long run, I don't care WHAT propulsion system you use.

Ultimately, we're going to abandon four-dimensional space travel — sooner than later, as a matter of fact. So we may never even attempt to build all those wonderfully quaint "starships" such as the USS Enterprise.

More than likely, we'll end up teleporting Doppelgangers of ourselves to far-flung destinations, and by "far-flung" I mean so far away that the USS Enterprise couldn't get there at Warp Ten for a million years.

A technology based on Quantum non-local simultaneity would blow EVERYTHING out of the water, rendering all forms of four-dimensional travel hopelessly obsolete.


If we REALLY want to think outside the box, there's no reason to build these enormously expensive fleets of starships and space stations and all that nonsense.

I mean, our ultimate objective in the Universe is to acquire information. We acquire information from myriad sources. So, if I sit down and illustrate the procedures for fabricating a bronze statue and send that information to you, you could use that information to fabricate a bronze statue. You have acquired the information necessary for building that statue.

That's the driving force of Humanity, okay. Acquiring information and utilizing it to our benefit.

But, then, that's the driving force of Life and Consciousness, as well. We consume information, we extract the information that is beneficial to our survival, and we expel the extraneous bits.

Information is what the Universe is all about.

I contend that if we had an adequate communications system, we'd never have to leave our home planets. We could stay at home and play on the InterGalactiNet, retrieving information from all over the universe without ever leaving home.

And I'll go one step further and say that this communications system ALREADY EXISTS and has existed for hundreds of millions and maybe BILLIONS of years.

I think that our Human minds are in contact with other non-Human intelligences constantly. We interact with our pets on a telepathic level, for example — there is unspoken UNDERSTANDING between humans and animals here on Earth. Yes, there is also MISUNDERSTANDING, for the most part, because we tend to crash into animal environments, unfortunately, without regard for the critters. We don't have the patience and the compassion. So there's a LOT of misunderstanding.

But there are also exquisite and perfect moments of communication between humans and animals, and you know it. Even telepathic communications between humans and animals. It's there. You know it happens.

That's the evidence Quantum communication exists. Yeah, sure, it's anecdotal, but even the stoniest skeptic knows there's something going on. Science is coming to acknowledge the possibility of ultramundane energies... Ultramundane describes those forces that exist outside of our ability to measure them. We ride the crest of these forces in our journey across the Cosmos.

But it's these "ultramundane" forces that we can tap RIGHT NOW using our MINDS to explore the farthest reaches of Creation.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Why would the Roswell Incident in 1947 affect the technological future of Mankind?  There are those who contend, you know, that we scrambled around a New Mexico ranch in 1947, gathering up pieces of a crashed flying saucer, and that all our technology from 1947 to the present is based upon the twisted debris of a crashed flying saucer.  Not a UFO, but a FLYING DISK.  Hey.  The army identified it.

I mean, I would be more inclined to think that Nikola Tesla was a time traveler who landed in the late 19th Century, inasmuch as his numerous patented inventions — from the Alternating Current Induction Generator to Radio to Fluorescent Lighting to Solid State Logic Gateways and more — completely CHANGED the world so dramatically that they seemed to come from another century.

Yet we know Nikola Tesla's biography, we know when and where he was born, we know his childhood, it's all documented. Same thing with Albert Einstein. Same thing with Max Planck. Same thing with Charles Steinmetz.

These people advanced our knowledge by CENTURIES over what came before, 40 years before Roswell.

Yet conspiracy theorists point to a bunch of debris in a remote field in New Mexico in 1947 as the START of our technological advances in the 20th Century.

That's bogus.

The transistor, for example, was the result of years of research and development — it didn't just pop into existence after Roswell. And LASER technology was being researched in the 1920s and 30s, for petesake, as was stereophonic recording and television.

All of these technologies have demonstrable development paths. None of them just appeared out of thin air.

As I said, the genius that suddenly arose out of the late 19th Century is more amazing than the technological TOYS we developed later in the 20th Century. I mean, Tesla was patenting technology that is the foundation of all our computer technology today — hardware developers are still amazed to find that their "new" creations were already patented back in 1898 by Nikola Tesla.

If there was deliberate time travel interference in the 20th Century, I don't see it back in the 1940s. Now, the 1960s were another matter altogether. It was that decade in which we decided to "go to the moon and do the other things"... And then JFK was assassinated. And then his brother was assassinated. And then we gave up on interplanetary travel, we just GAVE UP on colonizing the Moon.

Somebody didn't want us going to the Moon in the 60s and 70s, I think. They wanted to redirect our interests as a civilization. And that meant assassinating those inspiring figures. Killing ideas. Killing inspiration.

So, yeah, I think we had a glut of Time Travelers in the 60s and 70s. But not in the 1940s.

What I see from the one-hundred-thousand-foot overview is that the sea change in our thinking and technology came in the late 19th Century with the Second Industrial Revolution, from the 1870s through the early 1900s. THAT was like a technological renaissance, with great minds from around the world collaborating to bring these marvelous inventions into existence. It wasn't just a revolution among mathematicians and physicists, it was an industrial engineering revolution, as well.

Look at John Browning. Developed a 45 automatic handgun in 1911 that was so revolutionary, he changed the way firearms were made — the mechanical design of that gun is the same today as it was a hundred years ago, they only make cosmetic adjustments. It was a design for the ages. Browning also designed a revolutionary 9mm handgun in 1922, with just awesome balance and accuracy, and it, too, became an icon among handguns.

Man, can you imagine living back in the late 19th Century, as these mind-boggling technologies started bursting forth upon the world — The telephone, electric lighting, automobiles, airplanes, and much more, all within a span of 40 years?

I mean, the Second Industrial Revolution was a MAJOR break from thousands of years of mundane subsistence existence.

In the overview, it looks like Time Travelers hit us in the mid-to-late 19th Century, rather than the 1940s.  

Or perhaps the Second Industrial Revolution was just a confluence of normal research & development cycles, sort of like all your biorhythms coming together over a period of three glorious days or something.

Well, yeah, I can see that.

But I wasn't suggesting that Time Travelers actually interfered in the Second Industrial Revolution. I was saying that the Second Industrial Revolution, of all periods of technological advance, could be mistaken for Time Travel interference, because the late 19th Century was the REAL BEGINNING of all our modern problems.

I mean... In the 1890s, the middle of the Second Industrial Revolution, there were only 900 million human beings on the entire planet. A mere one hundred years later, there were over 6 BILLION, and the majority of this new herd are dependent on modern medicine and charitable donations.

Without that tenuous scientific and charitable infrastructure — the privileged few supporting the needy MASSES — I'm guessing that 4 billion or so human beings would just die off because they can't fend for themselves. In other words, we've invited waaay too many people to a woefully under-catered party in the last 100 years.

Science made this possible, Science precipitated every dilemma we now face in the world, yes? Overpopulation, atmospheric and hydrospheric pollution, nuclear annihilation, pandemic super-diseases, automated war drones, et cetera, et al, ad infinitum. Science brought this to us.

Yes, of course it did.

Now, Science could try to slither out of responsibility for destroying the world with its usual caveat: Science is just a method of thinking, a fallible but self-correcting method of thought. And who could blame a mere method of thinking, what? Sure, Science is blameless for all these horrors we now face that we never faced in the previous 250,000 years of our existence as a species.

No. Science doesn't get to wash its hands and walk away. It would be too easy to blame all this on Time Travel interference or sinister extraterrestrials or back-engineered alien technology. But our downfall is going to be the result of good old Mankind screwing up and failing to think things through before he acts. And that's where Science is guilty as hell.

In the end, the seething masses are gonna come after the scientists. And it won't be pretty. 


Beyond all the Einsteinian Light Speed mumbo jumbo, Science is now telling us that it may be possible to communicate information across incomprehensible distances without actually traversing Space, and do it instantaneously.

In real-time.

You realize that, if we can instantaneously transmit Information across Space (and everything is Information), then we could eventually teleport ourselves to any point in the Universe. We could teleport, say, an entire self-sustaining colony to a planet orbiting Vega, 25 Light Years away, as fast as snapping your fingers.

That totally does away with these cumbersome, theatrical starships zipping around the galaxy, pummeling each other in meaningless dogfights.

But why stop there?

If we were so inclined, we could put Human colonies ANYWHERE in the UNIVERSE as easily as spitting out watermelon seeds. That's the implication of instantaneous information transmission.

But check this out... We wouldn't have to actually leave home to do this. See, unlike the Transporter that you see in Star Trek, our Teleporter doesn't disassemble human beings and reassemble them somewhere else.

Star Trek's Transporter implies Matter and Energy traversing Space-Time. That aint happenin'

A non-local synchronized teleporter would read all the information it needed to build YOU, and then it would instantly assemble you out of the available matter at your destination. On the other side of the Universe, if that's your target.

It builds a Doppelganger of you, see?

So now you can explore and colonize to your heart's content, if that's your intention, without leaving home. And the big bonus is that you're telepathically linked to the doppelganger, because your minds are virtually identical and exist in the same string dimension, and another bonus is that either one of you can die or be destroyed and the other can take his place immediately. Ha!

Yes, you're now flirting with immortality, which is one characteristic of godhood; but you're also bilocating, which is another characteristic of gods, appearing in two or more places simultaneously.

But there's another godly aspect of your character now — If you can teleport yourself across the Universe to the most remote destinations, then you can ALSO retrieve information about your destination, bring it back and assemble the destination in your backyard.

So you never had to leave in the first place.

You could lounge on your patio in Aspen and tan by the light of Cygnus X-1 simultaneously.

Which means you're physically manipulating the Cosmos now, and THAT behavior is so far beyond the Civilization scale that you're, well, you're the next in line to God.

See, we're not very far away from intellectual godhood... That's what the Tree of Knowledge story was all about. Yeah, Humans are Gods-in-training. However, it's our lower instincts that will draw out our evolution for millions of years.

We KNOW we're special and deserve better, and we're impatient as hell to achieve our godhood.  Look at all our entertainment — it's all supernatural forces and supernatural characters performing miracles and defeating arch-villains.  We're chomping at the BIT to be God.

Make no mistake, Humans are unique in the Universe. We understand the physics to juggle star clusters, right, but physically we are still burning vegetation for warmth. That's our curse, we're some sort of hybrid of God and animal.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 The main problem with Humanity is that we are smart enough to know that Natural Selection is the way Nature works, but we DEFY Natural Selection. Yes?

That's the source of ALL our problems, that we DEFY Natural Selection and we attempt to burden the strong with carrying the weak.

Look at every foreign and domestic problem in the world... It all relates to our attempt to DEFY Natural Selection.

We DEFY Nature. That's our problem.


While I find crop circle history fascinating, I'm always frustrated with the believers who ask us to accept that the crop circles of the UK are a likely means of communication from non-human intelligence.

It makes no sense whatsoever that an advanced technological intelligence would choose a means of communication that was so easily turned into a three-ring circus by Human "artists"... Face it, Humans turned crop-circle creation into an art contest wherein the designs became more and more elaborate until they were positively LAUGHABLE.

We KNOW that Humans CAN do these things. We KNOW that Humans CONTINUE to do these things, and they do them for their own amusement.

I mean, an intelligent non-human species that has been OBSERVING Human civilization for tens of thousands of years would KNOW that their attempts at crop circle communication could and would be corrupted by mischievous Humans, right?

Right. They may as well be writing astrophysical equations in the sand down at the beach. It's NOT a viable means of communications.

I put it to you that if an intelligent non-human species wanted to communicate with us on a level BEYOND the ability of Humans to corrupt the message, the non-human species would do so in such an extraordinary manner that it was beyond dispute... like engraving a 3000-foot-high cliff-face at Yosemite, and doing so overnight.

There is NOTHING about the "coded messages" in wheat fields that is so extraordinary that Humans couldn't hoax them. Crop circles provide no concrete information that is BEYOND Human imagination and ability. That simple fact negates the other-worldliness of crop circles, as far as I'm concerned.

Why would a non-human intelligence use a MEDIUM of communication that Humans could so easily manipulate to our own ends?

The FACT is that Humans DO create crop circles, even the most elaborate crop circles. Humans CREATED Binary coding. Humans could just as easily create a message intended to frighten and/or mislead the remainder of Humanity.

Crop circles in Binary, therefore, are NOT a viable means of non-human communication.  

By the time non-human intelligence is trying to WARN US of impending doom — using phrases such as "BEWARE" — the free will of the Human species is a moot consideration. A warning is a warning.

Why not just drop flyers over the population? A UFO flying low and dropping propaganda flyers?

There have been instances of fringe-theory mathematical formulae popping up in unlikely places.

Things That Fall Out Of The Sky

The July 25, 1973, edition of the Albany, New York Times Union reported the unusual case of Bob Hill. Hill, the owner of radio station WHRL of North Greenbush, New York, was taking out the station garbage at 4:15 P.M. when he noticed “twirling specks” falling from a distance higher than the station’s 300-ft. transmitter. He followed two of the white objects until they landed in a hayfield. The objects turned out to be two sets of formulas and accompanying graphs, which apparently explained “normalized extinction” and the “incomplete Davis-Greenstein orientation.” No explanation has been made public. The Davis-Greenstein mechanism is used in astrophysics.

The Davis-Greenstein papers were WAY OUT on the fringe of astrophysical theory in 1973. But were the Davis-Greenstein papers of extraterrestrial origin? Unlikely. How they happened to come fluttering down from hundreds of feet in the sky is open to conjecture. But that doesn't mean non-human intelligence was at work.

Just so, a mathematical equation appearing in a crop circle is no indication of extraterrestrial or non-human intelligence at work. We KNOW humans can and do create crop circles. We KNOW humans invented Mathematics. And there is no indication that Mathematical equations exist anywhere else in the Universe except between the ears of Human beings.

Therefore, we can safely assume that mathematical equations in a crop circle are wholly Human creations.

When the nature of the message is a WARNING, it doesn't matter who wants to know and who doesn't. When Paul Revere rode through the Massachusetts townships, shouting "The British Are Coming! Make Haste!" his message fell on the ears of both Patriots and Loyalists, okay?

When the message is a warning, there's no need to parse words — you convey a sense of urgency, and those who heed the warning will heed it.

Don't get me wrong... I know that a certain small percentage of crop circles are the real deal — they're usually simple circles, but the vegetation is energetically deformed from within the stalks, sometimes there are tektites (microscopic meteors) at the scene, and measurable electromagnetic anomalies are recorded at "real" crop circles.

The elaborate, artsy crop circles are invariably hoaxed. Sometimes publicly and proudly hoaxed.

The Doug & Dave crop circles went out the window long ago, right. Those guys I suspect were disinformation agents who attempted to sign their names to something beyond their ken.

There have been crop circles on almost every continent, and the most credible ones (as anomalies) tend to occur where people won't see them, and without the convenient irrigation trails to hide human footprints. I mean, there are crop circles that happen in marshes where Humans can't access, and more recently there have been crop circles discovered out on iced-over lakes.

I think the "real" crop circle phenomenon is a poorly understood energy vortex phenomenon, and there's the possibility that it occurs naturally. I don't think there's any intelligence behind it at all.

There will always be those, however, who try to take credit for the sunrise and who sign their names to the tides.  

Monday, January 23, 2012


Space-Time is the fabric out of which everything else is made, in varying densities. So, a gas planet is MADE out of Space-Time, and a rocky planet is MADE out of Space-Time, as are stars and black holes and galaxies and everything else. You're just looking at different manifestations of Space-Time, different manifestations of Matter and Energy.

As these manifestations of Matter and Energy gain MASS, they warp the matrix of Space-Time to different degrees. This warp of the fabric of Space-Time can be measured in terms of Gravity.

The problem is that there's not enough VISIBLE MATTER contained in a galaxy to create the amount of Gravity NECESSARY to hold it together as a unit. I mean, Galaxy formation is still a profound mystery to Science.

This is what Science knows about Galaxies — They're huge collections of stars and gas and dust whirling around mysterious centers that they ASSUME are Supermassive Blackholes.

But what came first? The supermassive blackholes, drawing in these rafts of gas and dust over billions of years? Or did the rafts of gas and dust merge out of the void, becoming denser and denser until a supermassive blackhole was formed in the center?

Thing is, even a supermassive blackhole a BILLION TIMES more DENSE than our Sun doesn't warp the fabric of Space-Time ENOUGH to affect the outermost rim of the galaxy. I mean, we're talking about Macro-Gravity working across tens and hundreds of thousands of Light Years. Which is unheard of.

So, the supermassive blackhole has no actual gravitational influence on the rim of the galaxy. Can't be. And the Visible Matter of the Galaxy isn't sufficient to bond the Galaxy together and account for this rotational constant from the center out to the rim.

So WHAT is holding the Galaxy together? It's nothing visible. Astrophysicists speculate that it's Dark Matter. That doesn't mean it's a dark cloud of matter that exists in this Universe. It means it's something with mass that extends into another dimension. It means the galaxies, as we know them, are just the four-dimensional bits that we can see — but they're the tips of icebergs.

The great bulk of the galaxies exist in OTHER dimensions. Like the Fifth Dimension, where the source of Gravity is thought to reside.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey, I've maintained that the Life molecule is so tenacious that it's hard to find a place where it CAN'T adapt; however, the seed of Life, sewn across the Cosmos, doesn't merely adapt. Life changes the environment to make it more hospitable to Life.

Life is a HELLUVA hi-tech bio-engineering project. What a complex molecule. The all terrain molecule.

Look at this thing called Life... It replicates, it consumes, it defecates, it SEEMS to be PROCESSING the natural resources, the raw minerals and compounds upon which Life feeds, right? Processing them for what? Just for the sake of processing? Into Infinity? Physicists HATE Infinity.

So, Life must have a GOAL, an objective within a Finite Universe.

I think I know what it is.

Life is supposed to infest every corner of the Universe, to SAMPLE the Creation. And to communicate what we learn about Creation back to the Creator. See, I don't think the Creator really knows the full extent of Creation. He made the thing, but it's just too big and complex and, to top it off, it only lasts for a split-second from his perspective, if he chooses to view it in that manner.

I mean, he can really scrutinize the thing on any level — the Creator may perceive the Universe as a LHC experiment, so our entire Universe is just a controlled collision of particles. Heh heh heh

CCP.... I like that.

But, for an extremely advanced technology, what better way to observe a CCP than to "go inside" the EVENT and watch it happen in real time?

I think that's what the Creator has done... Unleashed an exploratory germ called LIFE into this fabulous Creation to sample it, consume it, process it and then return the pertinent information to the Creator.

That makes Life sort of like God's Remote Operated Vehicles, on a ceaseless mission to consume, analyze and report for all eternity.

I've said in other posts that I think our brains are Quantum Antennas, but all living things have Quantum Antennas that facilitate communal behavior, propagation of species, and even instantaneous communications across the entire Universe.

That's the information that the Creator is gathering, get it? We experience Life, and our experience, our metabolism, our every sensation, is communicated to the Creator.


You know, Public Radio International's "Science Friday" feature is such a bludgeoning blow to human intelligence, it makes me cringe... For example, they report on crap like radio astronomers discovering a black hole in the center of a distant galaxy.

No, Radio Astronomers haven't "discovered" anything new. You can't point to anything new that Radio Astronomy has "discovered," because Radio Astronomy is depending on ancient signals that are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions and even billions of years old.

Everything about Radio Astronomy and Astronomy and Astrophysics in general is THEORETICAL... The Big Bang is theoreticalBlack Holes are theoreticalQuasars, Magnetars, Neutron Stars, Gamma Bursts and everything else you can name in modern Astronomy is theoretical.

Let me tell you something about Astronomy — Every day, astronomers wake up in a new world, not knowing what part of their edifice of THEORY has been destroyed overnight. And astronomers are the first to admit it.

I mean, you can look at the "discoveries" made right here in our Solar System, as our interplanetary probes have drawn back the veil on the various planets, moons, asteroids and cometary bodies... WITHOUT FAIL, the closer we come to the planets and their moons and the various asteroids and cometary bodies, the LESS we find we really KNEW about them.

The Voyager probes, for example, REWROTE THE BOOKS on EVERYTHING we thought we knew about the Solar System.

Until we GO ON SITE and observe the planets and stars and galaxies at CLOSE RANGE, we can't say we know ANYTHING about the Universe, okay?

No, what we KNOW about Human Theory is that, as soon as we GO ON SITE and explore FIRST-HAND, our theories are blown out of the water. EVERY time.

That's why it's ABSURD to accept anything from Astronomers as hard, cold fact.

Astronomers don't deal in fact.

Ten thousand years from now, when we physically reach the NEAREST stars (just four or six or ten Light Years away), we're going to discover that the esteemed astronomers and physicists of the 21st Century were LAUGHABLY WRONG about EVERYTHING, okay? In fact, we're going to discover that ALL of the Astrophysical Theory of the next thousand years is laughably wrong.

Quite obviously, we have TOUCHED other planets in our own Solar System, sampled them, we POSSESS actual pieces of at least two planetary bodies — the Moon and Mars. We can sample PIECES of our own Sun as the Solar Wind interacts with Earth's magnetosphere. We POSSESS millions of meteorites that have impacted our world. We have SAMPLED the dust and gas of comets. These are all things that we have actually TOUCHED, okay?

But I'll tell you this... Until we DID touch them, until we actually sampled them, until we sent probes to Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune and Uranus, we had NO IDEA of the true nature of those worlds. Planetary researchers will be the first to tell you that practically ALL of our theories about the Solar System were WRONG prior to our going out there and investigating at close range.

Now, THAT is a fact.

Regarding extrasolar stars and planets, et cetera, I'm telling you that the next closest star to us, Proxima Centauri, could have blown up fifteen minutes ago, and we won't know it for 4 years.

There is NOTHING within our field of view from this Solar System that actually exists in real time. All the stars and "planets" (that we think we've found), and all the "black holes" and "quasars" and "neutron stars" and "magnetars" and "gamma bursters" and all that junk are just mathematical interpretations of emanations, ancient echoes that are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions and billions of years old...

Think about that.

We're studying ancient cosmological history. We're not even studying the present. We have NO IDEA what the Universe is REALLY like.

I mean, it's like forming theories about the PRESENT based on 90-year-old silent movies. Do you realize that HALF or more of the Universe may not even be out there in real time?

We just don't know.

Until we go out there and SAMPLE other worlds, SAMPLE the winds of other stars, do an actual fly-by on a neutron star or a black hole, we have NO IDEA of the true nature of those cosmological bodies.

I mean, there's no concrete, real-time evidence that a supermassive black hole exists at the center of our galaxy.  Theoretically, a black hole would draw in all this matter to create the galaxy over hundreds of millions and billions of years, right?

Unfortunately for the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy theory, there's a characteristic of virtually ALL spiral galaxies that doesn't quite FIT with the black hole theory... The fact is that those stars on the OUTERMOST RIM of the galaxy are orbiting at the SAME VELOCITY as the stars in the CENTER of the galaxy.

You understand what the problem is, right? WHAT IS THE FORCE that connects the outermost rim of the galaxy to its center, across hundreds of thousands of Light Years? It's not Gravity, because there's not enough MATTER in the observable galaxy to exert that kind of Gravity.

If it was a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, then the galactic matter closest to the black hole should be hauling ass toward the Event Horizon, approaching Light Speed, while matter 50,000 Light Years away should be LESS INFLUENCED by the black hole's gravity well.


Except, in reality, the matter 50,000 Light Years away from the CENTER is orbiting at the SAME VELOCITY as the matter whipping around the CENTER of the galaxy. Get it? The way the center of a hubcap rotates at the same rate as the tread of a tire, right? But that only works if the there is connective mass between the center and the tread.

See, the galaxies are NOT BEHAVING as though there is a black hole in their centers.

This is a profound mystery that astrophysicists attempt to explain with exotic theories such as Dark Matter existing in another dimension (again, the Fifth Dimension), bonding the galactic rim to the galactic center with some kind of super-macro-Gravity.

This culture that embraces theory as fact and injects dogmatic nonsense into the minds of children and adults via Public Radio International and the Science Channel is CLUTTERING our collective intelligence, essentially subjugating our reasoning faculties.

Our theories, everything we THINK we know about the Universe, is based on ANCIENT and obsolete data.

Electromagnetic theory is tragically flawed, for example, as it seems inextricably bound to Gravity — and GRAVITY is one of the most mysterious of all forces in this Universe. Hate to tell you this, but we do not understand the source of Gravity. Moreover, we can't understand why Gravity is such a WEAK force in the Universe compared to Electromagnetism.

If we UNDERSTOOD Electromagnetism and Gravity, if we UNDERSTOOD how these forces are related — and Einstein says they ARE related, he just never figured out HOW — we would be able to turn Gravity on and off as easily as flipping a light switch.

Alas for Einsteinian Physics, the SOURCE of Gravity and its relationship to Electromagnetism is HIDDEN AWAY from us in another dimension (the Fifth Dimension, specifically), if you lend any credence to the theories of Quantum Physics.

Alas for Quantum Physics, they can't locate the source of MASS (an oversized subatomic particle tentatively called the Higgs Boson), which precipitates Gravity in the first place. The Higgs Boson continues to elude Quantum physicists.

So, Einsteinian theories are on shaky ground because of Quantum theories, which are on even SHAKIER ground.

Einsteinian Physics are acknowledged as tragically flawed in many respects... Einstein's equations sometimes end with Infinity. Which is like throwing in the towel in the world of Physics. Modern physicists do not accept the concept of Infinity, okay? They hate it like poison. According to the foremost physicists, there is no such thing as Infinity.

To the foremost physicists, the Universe is entirely Finite... It's the only way we can make our erstwhile "understanding" of the Universe work.

Einstein's General and Special Relativity are INCOMPLETE THEORIES. The Unified Field Theory is INCOMPLETE. Einstein never solved it. He was right about bits and pieces, but that's like knowing Beef Stew has potatoes and carrots in it, but not being able to find the Beef, and having no idea what the other ingredients might be.

So, as you see, the OLD physics are wrong, and the NEW physics won't work until we find several missing bits first.

No, you can't say that because PARTS of Einsteinian Physics have been proven, then ALL Einsteinian theories are FACT. They're not. Einstein was WRONG about a LOT of things. Recent results from the CERN LHC are showing, in repeated testing, that Light Speed is not the fastest thing in the Universe; rather, Neutrinos seem to be hella faster than Light.

Neutrinos travel so fast, they pop in and out of our four-dimensional universe like ghostly shadows. So, Einstein was apparently wrong about Light Speed being the Universal speed limit.

We're at a crossroads right now, at which we KNOW Einstein wasn't right, but we can't figure out WHERE we're going wrong in Quantum Physics (String Theory, M Theory, et al).

I mean, that's how close we are to starting over at Square One in modern Physics.

So, NO, theory — especially Scientific theories backed up by repeated testing for decades — ARE NOT more valid than conventional guessing. Scientific theories are NOT "facts," okay, any more than 98% certainty is the same as CERTAINTY.

 They're two different animals.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have the utmost respect for the Human brain, and brains in general. See, the computing power of the Human brain is only one small facet of what the brain does. A computer may emulate the computing power of the Human brain, but a computer can NEVER hope to become a REAL Human brain.

The Human brain is so much more than a lowly computer. Judging by what I've learned and what I KNOW, I would say that ALL brains are Quantum Antennae.

There is something so exquisitely delicate and sensitive about the Brain that it DOES receive information from other intelligences in the Universe. In fact, I won't be surprised when it's discovered that Quantum Communications between intelligent species is commonplace in the Universe. Instantaneous communications from one end of the Universe to the other would eliminate the necessity for starships and warp engines and all that nonsense.

I mean, if you have sufficient information, you needn't even leave home. Right? In the same way the Internet is eliminating the necessity to commute to work.

If we regard our Quantum Antennae as a Cosmic communications system, then all sorts of things start making sense. Clairvoyance, psychic ability, ghostly apparitions are all products of our Quantum Antennae picking up information across Space and Time, beyond our familiar four dimensions.

I mean, we may see a moment from the Past replay before our eyes and call it a Ghost. We may see a moment from the Future and we're called Visionaries.

All Humans have Quantum Antennae, but so do all living things.

There's a constant jabber of quantum communications all around us, all the time. Some of us listen to it and prosper, utilizing the information and inspiration from unearthly sources; others of us may think they are hearing voices (and they certainly are), and are labeled psychotic.

Isn't that interesting? One of the first things they ask you on any medical questionnaire is "Do You Hear Voices"? It's a very common malady, apparently.

But hearing voices and even seeing things is NOT necessarily an indication that you're crazy, okay?

Even staid and solid scientists hear voices and see things and can still function as scientists, right? I mean, the mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr was a genius but was hounded by people that only he could see and hear. He finally convinced himself that the intruders were figments of his imagination, and he simply IGNORED them for the rest of his life.

They didn't go away, he just ignored them.

Well, those "people" really exist. They're sentient beings that communicate through the Quantum aether... They're not Human, but, coming through the filter of a Human brain, they are going to SOUND and APPEAR Human. Make no mistake, we ARE in contact with intelligences from all over the Universe. We exchange ideas all the time.

Ever notice how several unrelated people will come up with the same invention or idea at the same time? It's the so-called "Ah-Ha Phenomenon"... I know some of you have had the weird experience of coming up with a bright idea, not doing anything with the idea, and then SEEING the idea manifest into reality by somebody else's hand, months or years later.

It's infuriating, right?

That's a Quantum Wave of Creativity passing through our Solar System, and a few people with the right frequency Quantum Antennae pick up the data. Most of us won't act, but a few of the receivers ACT on the received information. So we get people going "Ah-Ha!" at different points all over the globe simultaneously, coming up with the same idea.

Happens all the time.  It's a perfect example of information exchange across intergalactic distances.

See, we don't need the SETI Project searching for transmissions within a few very narrow radio bands. There IS a kind of subspace communications system that defies Time and Space; and, if you have a brain, you're already plugged into that system.  The Universe, essentially, has been sending a deluge of signals for billions of years, and your BRAIN is a transceiver.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Time Travel is only "impossible" if Space-Time is LINEAR... That is, if the past necessarily comes BEFORE the present, and the present necessarily comes BEFORE the future.

That's a rather primitive view of Space-Time, if you know anything about Einsteinian Physics.

One of the popularly-forgotten points that Albert Einstein made about Space-Time is that ALL Time and ALL Space occur SIMULTANEOUSLY. That is to say, the Big Bang (if it occurred) happens at the SAME TIME the Solar System was formed, which happens at the SAME TIME Homo sapiens evolved, which happens at the SAME TIME we first set foot on the Moon, and so on and so forth.

In other words, the entire Universe, from beginning to end, is but ONE and the SAME MOMENT in Space Time. According to Einstein.

How do you wrap your mind around that?

Well, actually, we CAN wrap our minds around that concept fairly easily. Consider the lowly Compact Disc.

Chances are, there's a Compact Disc within your reach at this very moment. Pick it up, turn it over in your hands, scrutinize it.

What are you looking at?

You're looking at a complete Universe, with a beginning and an end, containing as much information as can be currently crammed into a Compact Disc. You're looking at the beginning and end of that Universe simultaneously, and everything that occurs in between.

 At a glance.

You're looking at a Universe from the perspective of God. You're looking at a Universe from the perspective of the 11th Dimension.

From your 11th Dimension perspective, every song on the CD occurs simultaneously. Every spoken word on that CD occurs concurrent with all the others. All the information on that disc is hanging static in Time and Space...

That CD Universe is WAITING for you to apply your micro-laser technology to READ IT in a linear fashion that makes sense to you.

Human consciousness is the intersection of the micro-laser and the CD surface, okay? So we four-dimensional Humans always perceive the Space-Time continuum as moving along in a linear fashion.

But, from the perspective of the 11th Dimension, we can stop, jump forward or backwards in Space-Time, select specific points to inspect, listen to the same song repeatedly, or run the entire CD Universe in an endless playback loop.

The same thing applies to the macro-Universe, the infinitude that surrounds us. Our meager Human consciousness perceives the Space-Time continuum moving along, moving past us, inexorably from the past into the future, one footstep falling after the other.

Ultimately, however, there's nothing to prevent us from skipping around in the Space-Time continuum, go visiting any point in Time that we wish, because it's all happening SIMULTANEOUSLY, and it's all contained in this gigantic CD we call the Universe.

The problem, just as with the CD in your hands, is that you can't distinguish precisely WHERE one song ends and another begins unless you plug in the CD and allow the micro-laser (consciousness) to track the selections. Whereupon, you're right back to your linear perception of Space-Time.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yes, there were other intelligent species upon the face of the Earth before Mankind.

Okay, here's the lowdown... The Reptoids are from Earth. They evolved here, from the Dinosaurs. They were among the first intelligent civilizations on Earth, okay. Yes, they experimented with genetic engineering, just as we do today. They designed many of the more bizarre and beautiful Dinosaurs. And, yeah, they obliterated themselves and their creations.

They survived by going subterranean, which is the only intelligent way to live on a planet. If you live on the surface, you're way too vulnerable. Yes, the Reptoids are still screwing with us today, because they have a completely different view of things. Like, a very savage perspective. They’ve been referred to as Dragons throughout history — that’s our distorted communal memory of them.

The Grays are ANOTHER intelligent subterranean species that evolved on Earth, and the Grays are closer to Mankind than the Reptoids, which is why they're so interested in us. Actually, in all truth, the Grays are Fallen Angels. Yeah. I know, I know, some people are going to jump in my butt about that, but you've just gotta man-up and face it.

The Grays are also very highly technically advanced, but they're single-minded. Meaning, they don't multi-task very well. They have tried breeding with Humankind for ages, which produced the Tall Whites (aka the Giants of Old, but now a subterranean colony down in the American Southwest), but that breeding experiment didn't work out. They just managed to produce a tall, pale humanoid with a single-mindedness and an intense sense of territoriality.

The Grays then tried breeding the Tall Whites back into Humanity about 35,000 years ago, but with disastrous results. It created the Caucasian race, a VERY competitive, brilliant, belligerent and territorial animal who could MULTI-TASK, and who has been kicking ass around the world ever since.

Yes, the Reptoids, the Grays, the Tall Whites and everybody else know that Mankind was God’s signature upon Creation. Mankind is spiritually ABOVE all these other species, and they know it.

There are always exceptions, just as there are always bad apples in any barrel.

You may wonder why I’m telling you all this, so I’ll back up and show you the man behind the curtain.

It’s me, Zesko Whirligan.

I’m a Clairvoyant from a lineage of clairvoyants. In an earlier time I'd be called a fucking Witch and I'd be burned at the stake for saying the shit I say.

My objective, my purpose on Earth is to interpret the coming Awakening, or Merger of Civilizations, or the Return of Christ, or whatever you want to call it. The Human race has had precognitions of this event and we've described it for millennia, with every interpreter describing it in his own way.

The Christians interpret it as the Second Coming of Christ, which is correct.

The visionaries (like me) see it as a merger of civilizations (ala Arthur C. Clarke), which is correct.

The mystics and metaphysical people think it's a Great Awakening of Spirit in Humanity, which is correct.

It's all of these things.

It's a massive shift. The most impressive part, to me, are not the natural disasters to come, but the wonders you will see in the sky. You think we've had UFO footage in the past, well, you aint seen nothing yet. You're going to see these things coming right down and interacting with us in broad open daylight. Keep your cameras handy.

Just keep in mind, this isn’t about an “alien invasion,” this is about a UNIFICATION of civilizations and spirits on Earth.


There is evidence (DNA evidence, as well as archaeological evidence) that prehistoric Europeans followed the massive polar icewall across the North Atlantic, arriving in the vicinity of the mid-Atlantic coast of North America as long as 20,000 years ago — making Europeans the first humans to discover the Americas, nearly 10,000 years BEFORE Eastern Asians crossed the Bering Land Bridge to this continent.

DNA evidence indicates that several Eastern American tribes — such as the Cherokees — were descended of Western European Caucasians as long as 20,000 years ago, and that Asian Mongols didn't colonize the continent until some 10,000 years afterwards.

The absolute OLDEST piece of human technology ever discovered in North America is a 20,000-year-old stone spearhead, found amid fossilized Mammoth bones on the East Coast of the continent. The style of the spearhead MIRRORS the style of stone weapons used in Western Europe over 20,000 years ago — it does NOT, however, even remotely match Asian-style spearheads used at the same time.

Therefore, Western Europeans were already stomping about the Americas long before anyone else. It's not too much to assume that they brought back something to smoke and otherwise imbibe from the New World, and it's not too much to assume that prehistoric trade existed between Europe and the Americas (some 15,000 years before the rise of Egyptian civilization and 16,000 years before Chinese civilization was born).

Given that ancient mummies of very technically advanced Western Europeans have been discovered in the Alps and as far east as China, predating both Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, there is a very high likelihood that Western Europeans SEEDED the civilizations in Egypt and Eastern Asia.

Certainly, the very ancient Western Europeans were already using metallurgy, sophisticated textiles, antibiotic medicines, and acupuncture therapy LONG BEFORE Imhotep "invented " medicine and over a thousand years before the Chinese "invented" the wondrous technologies erroneously attributed to them.

I know, it's a hateful thought to the politically-correct drones out there, but Western Europeans have always been far ahead of the human pack in global exploration, conquest and technological development, even during the Ice Age.

But I have no problem accepting that Western Europeans brought back tobacco and cocaine from the Americas, long before the invention of agriculture.


As a little kid, I read history books and encyclopedias mainly, and I mean when I was 5 or 6 years old. I liked science textbooks, chemistry, microscopy, telescopy, all the nerdy stuff. By the time I was 12, I had subscriptions to Science News and Nature.

I didn't really pay much attention to UFO stories in the press back in the 1960s... But when our neighbors had a garage sale one weekend, I went over and bought a whole box full of paperbacks for 25¢. The paperbacks were by authors with names like Donald Keyhoe, George Hunt Williamson, George Adamski, George Van Tassel, George King, Ivan Sanderson, et cetera, et al.

I became fascinated with UFOs thereafter. And I became frustrated with the seeming lack of interest on the part of the Scientific community. Because I loved Science, too.

To this very day, I know there is a stigma attached to admitting you've seen a UFO. I know that ignorant, uneducated people out there will shrink and cower away from the subject in fear, and insane people gravitate to it. I know that admitting you've seen a UFO invites an onslaught of not mere incredulity but disproportionately aggressive cynicism.

And I know that somebody out there DOES NOT want us talking about UFOs. Every time I see one of those weak UFO documentaries in which they attempt to convince us that UFOs are "extraterrestrials," that's when I know they don't want us talking about UFOs.

Because UFOs are NOT extraterrestrial.

I am fairly certain that there is abundant interdimensional and "psychic" traffic in the Universe, and that the instantaneous Quantum transfer of information across inconceivable distances is, in fact, the preferred method of "Space Travel"...

The human brain — and all brains, for that matter — are natural Quantum antennae. We are in CONSTANT CONTACT with other intelligences all across this Universe, whether or not we care to admit it. Some people who are aware of this fact use the knowledge to their advantage and profit. Others who cannot grasp what is happening end up committed to asylums.

I mean, think of how many "geniuses" in human history were also quite mad.  Well, of course, the observation of "madness" is made by those who do not consider themselves mad.

I come from a long line of clairvoyants going back centuries. Clairvoyance only means clear vision. What I know is that there is a LOT of "psychic" traffic in the Universe, and only a TINY percentage of it is Human traffic.

So, yeah, a LOT of psychic traffic comes through Earth, because Life has thrived here for billions of years. Earth is a unique planet in that way, there aren't many like it.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Allow me to call to mind a guy named Ed Walters... You all know Ed Walters, right? Okay, tell me what you think you know about Ed Walters.

Your answer will be: He was the guy who hoaxed the Gulf Breeze sightings two decades ago.

And I'll ask you How do you KNOW he hoaxed all those photos and films and videos?

Well, the fact is, Ed Walters was NEVER PROVEN to have hoaxed anything. There were plenty of evil rumors that he was a hoaxter; but those who accused him were the more likely frauds.

As a matter of fact, MUFON investigated the Gulf Breeze sightings thoroughly. MUFON even provided specially prepared, tamper-proof cameras to Ed Walters, and the son-of-a-gun "grabbed" more UFO pictures on demand.

One of the cameras that MUFON provided was a Nimslo 3D (with 4 lenses) — every shutter release exposed 4 frames of film simultaneously, each frame slightly offset from the other. Not only does the Nimslo defeat manual tampering with the film, but the resulting stereoscopic image can be analyzed to determine whether or not there is an actual three-dimensional object in front of the camera.

MUFON examined Ed Walters' 3D photos and found them authentic. Hella authentic.

MUFON then provided Walters with a stereoscopic array — two film cameras on a tripod-mounted rack, separated by about a meter. The cameras could be remotely triggered to record synchronized frames. Extending straight out from between the two cameras was a scaling rod that would appear in all frames.

With this set-up — utilizing the known distance between the cameras, the known length of the scaling rod, and a basic trigonometric equation — MUFON intended to determine the distance and altitude of any UFOs that Walters might capture.

The son-of-a-gun "grabbed" more UFO images with this rig, and MUFON successfully determined the distance and altitude of the UFOs.

MUFON was in awe, okay. Ed Walters delivered, and he delivered authentically, by MUFON criteria.

But there was gossip, okay? There were nasty rumors and accusations from anonymous sources. There was a very real effort to discredit Ed Walters by other "experts" in the UFO community. Even though NONE of Ed Walters' photos and footage has EVER been officially debunked, Ed Walters was unofficially labeled a hoaxter.

Why? Why do you think that was?

It was because Ed Walters' story and his photos and footage were TOO PERFECT. It's, like, Ed could pretty much take UFO pictures at will. If there was a camera in his hand, he could take a UFO picture. Nobody knows why, least of all Ed. He just claimed that "he knew" when they were in the area, he could hear them buzzing in his head.

But the Walters case is a prime example of how a prolific photographer and videographer was discredited simply because his images seemed too good to be true. He's never been PROVEN to be a hoaxter, his MUFON photographs stand on their own, and he has refuted every accusation; but that doesn't change the fact that most people automatically think the Ed Walters case is a hoax.

Nevermind that there were 200 other UFO sightings by other witnesses in Gulf Breeze. Ed Walters was the one who caught the heat because he had the balls to come forward, and he could deliver great UFO pictures on demand.


You know, perusing the Internet and the rapidly diminishing other "free" media outlets,  I encounter a LOT of stupidity in the world, and one of the superlative examples of stupidity is the notion that MATH and SCIENCE comprise a "universal" language... Heh.

Have you seen any raccoons playing Lotto?  They're pretty damned smart, but I haven't seen any animals playing Human number games.

Hell, there's no reason whatsoever to think that Human Math and Science are Universal.

I mean, there are creatures right here on Earth who are far more organized and technically accomplished than Humans, and they never pick up a pencil.

The Insects and Arachnids, for examples, perform feats of architecture and engineering that Humans can't even begin to replicate.

A lowly spider, for instance, can single-handedly produce a silken compound from its abdomen that is 6 times stronger than steel, and use it to construct the proportionate equivalent of a 100-story building in just a few hours. That same spider can then chemically modify its versatile silk to trap live prey many times larger than itself. That same spider can then use its silk to manufacture para-sails and actually fly away on the breeze.

The spider has thus mastered chemistry, architecture, hunting and aeronautics, and done so WITHOUT Science or Math or any of the other tedious Human skills we associate with intelligence.

Now, imagine an alien "civilization" that functions the way spiders do. Or termites. Or ants. Or locusts.

These creatures might excel in chemistry and engineering and aeronautics and perhaps even space travel without EVER understanding the Periodic Table of the Elements or Organic Chemistry or Calculus or anything else that we associate with intelligence.

There are countless organisms on Earth alone that can spontaneously produce light from their own bodies. There are terrestrial organisms that can produce powerful (even lethal) electrical charges, for that matter. There are complex life forms on this planet that can survive with ice crystals in their bloodstreams.

And think of this — we clever Humans haven't even discovered all the life forms on Earth... At present, we have direct knowledge of only about 10 PERCENT of the life on this planet. That's right, some 90% of the Life on this world is still out there in the oceans, and we don't know anything about it.

What we do know is that all these millions of diverse life forms are NATURALLY capable of the most astonishing feats of survival without an inkling of an idea of Human Science.

What should this tell us?

It should tell us that the great majority of Life in the Universe is capable of the most amazing feats of survival and engineering without EVER understanding Human Logic, Human Math, and Human Science. Without a doubt, there are creatures out there in the vast depth of Space that DWARF Human technology into insignificance, and they do so NATURALLY, without any sort of Science whatsoever.

Just because WE Humans are highly adaptable doesn't mean that another intelligent life form MUST necessarily meet our adaptive expectations. Other intelligent life forms might, indeed, SPECIALIZE in such a way as to develop very highly advanced propulsion and other engineering systems, but they might be able to do so through instinct alone, with no adaptive behavior, with no math or science.

 As do spiders.

If we venture into space on a quest to locate near-human intelligence as our ultimate objective (as in Star Trek), we're going to be very, very horribly surprised.   I mean, I don't think we're mature enough as a species to be contemplating interplanetary colonization.

Ha.  We need to learn how to live within our means, to live in balance with our resources on planet Earth.  And, no, I'm not going to grow a beard and get fat and drunk and turn into Al Gore on you.

ALL we absolutely know for certain about LIFE is that it sort of POPPED into existence about half-a-billion years after the Earth was formed. I hate to keep reminding you all, but there is no evidence that there is any Life anywhere else in the Universe. We simply have not sampled LIFE beyond Earth.  If it's out there, we don't know about it.

And that's the hard Scientific stance.

Sure, there may have been nano-bacteria on Mars three billion years ago, and there may be some sort of marine life on Europa (just give us a worm, for Godsake), and there MAY be extremophile environments everywhere from Venus to Jupiter to Saturn to Neptune.

But we just haven't found it....yet.

Finding Life outside of Earth is like finding WMD in Iraq. Hey, we KNOW it's out there. Just haven't found any trace of it.

Hey, I think that Life Happens as an inexorable electrochemical opportunity anywhere that it CAN happen. Everything else is necessarily colonization and the perpetuation of species, to be sure.