Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Case

First off, I'm just going to assume that you know this classic case from the annals of UFO lore.  If not, READ ABOUT IT HERE...

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case in 1961 was only the first SENSATIONALIZED “alien abduction” case in the United States. In point of fact, there were several people (mainly huxters) in the 1950s who claimed to have “gone for a ride” on UFOs.

But what I want to know is WHY every paranormal television treatment of the Betty and Barney Hill Case for the last 40 years consistently OMITS the most interesting detail of the case?

See, during his very first hypnotic regression, Barney gave a REALLY DETAILED and intriguing description of the UFO and the abductors. He described their uniforms as tight, glossy black, with black military-style officer caps — appearing, to Barney's great alarm, like “German Nazis”…

Those were Barney’s words. Barney had served in the military in WWII; so, whether or not he actually fought in the European theatre of operations, he surely KNEW what "German Nazis" looked like.

The “German Nazi” description is documented from Barney’s tape-recorded hypnosis sessions, and that detail actually WAS included in the 1975 television movie “The UFO Incident” (starring James Earl Jones as Barney Hill).

But WHY would all subsequent paranormal TV programs for the next 40 years deliberately OMIT that particular and undeniably sensational detail of the Betty and Barney Hill Case?

I mean, most of today's paranormal TV programs have gotten aboard the "Nazi UFO" conspiracy — speculating on Foo Fighters, Nazi Flying Saucers, the Nazi Bell, as well as the possibility that the USA continued Nazi UFO research and development following WWII. But these paranormal programs consistently FAIL to make a Nazi UFO connection in the Betty and Barney Hill Case.

I mean, if Nazis actually DID develop flying saucer technology and brought it to the USA, wouldn’t the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill Case be the earliest public confirmation of Nazi UFOs?

Well, realistically, I can GUESS why all these paranormal TV shows have omitted many of Barney's claims. Barney wasn't a very consistent UFO witness; it seems that, every time he was questioned about his experience, Barney would CHANGE his story a little.

In his very FIRST hypnosis session, he described the UFO occupants as looking like "German Nazis," dressed in tight-fitting glossy black uniforms with officer caps. In his NEXT account of the abduction, Barney said only ONE of the abductors (the "Leader") was wearing a Nazi uniform, and all the others were wearing brownish fatigues. The NEXT time Barney recounted his story, he said there was also a red-haired guy who looked like an Irishman.

Fact is, you couldn't get the same story twice out of Barney Hill.

Within a few years, after retelling his story under hypnosis and in the press several times, Barney's story had changed so much that his UFO abductors had morphed into big-headed, grayish aliens with large wrap-around eyes (in other words, your standard-issue Outer Limits alien). The "Nazi" description had disappeared, as had the red-headed Irishman and several other details from his initial accounts.

Barney's is a classic example of the UFO witness who continually re-imagines his experience as he receives more and more feedback and publicity. His memories are manipulated by repeated hypnotic suggestion; he becomes more aware of UFO-related imagery in the press and entertainment; he becomes aware of which details are more popular with the public; and, consciously or not, he completely changes his story over time.

All of that said, I think Barney's FIRST and FRESHEST description of the UFO incident would be the most reliable — that description of "German Nazis" — and would be the most compelling reason to classify the Betty and Barney Hill Case as an encounter with a Nazi UFO.

Unless, of course, it was all a hoax.

Admittedly, Betty's "research" into UFOs continued for the rest of her life, long after Barney suddenly died of a brain hemorrhage in 1969 (he was pretty high-strung already, and the pressure of publicity probably killed him early). Betty's version of the story became more and more bizarre over the years, including her descriptions of "star maps" and all of the typical stuff that UFO enthusiasts pay to see and hear.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ohio National Guard Trains To Fight "Right-Wing Terrorism"

To Which I Reply...

Problem is that, traditionally and historically, the overwhelming MAJORITY of domestic terrorists in the USA are LEFT-WINGERS, from eco-terrorists to political assassins to mad bombers to school shooters. There is NO reality in which "Right-wing terrorism" is a greater threat than Left-wing terrorism. The REALITY is that Left-Wingers have murdered more American citizens than anyone.

This National Guard training propaganda is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why the National Guard does NOT represent the "Militia" as mentioned in the Second Amendment. A Citizen Militia is NOT a military force controlled by the Central Government; the National Guard, however, IS a military force entirely controlled by the Executive Branch of the Central Government.

An armed Citizen Militia is intended to provide the PEOPLE of America with the POWER to fight back against a totalitarian Central Government and its corrupt electoral process. Because, once the electoral process is CORRUPTED (as it is), and the Executive Branch BYPASSES the Legislative Branch (as it does), and the Executive Branch MANIPULATES the Judicial Branch (as it does), and ALL branches of government IGNORE the system of Checks and Balances (as they do), then the People actually have NO RECOURSE except to take up arms.

That was the original and ONLY intent of the Second Amendment, drafted by the Founders who had just come through a REVOLUTION against their Central Government.

Who do you think is going to fight for the PEOPLE against a corrupt and tyrannical Central Government? The National Guard? Do you think the National Guard is going to stage a coup and protect us against the government? Seriously? That's preposterous — the National Guard, and the Coast Guard, and the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are going to OBEY Executive Orders from the tyrannical Central Government.

People, there IS a Revolution coming, and I guarantee you that the Central Government is GOING TO LOSE for the same reason that the Government LOST at Ruby Ridge and Waco: BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS. For every American citizen murdered by our tyrannical Central Government, the Government is going to make a MILLION new enemies in America.

Supreme Court Once Again Manipulates Twists Undermines Interprets the Second Amendment

To Which I Reply...

In the very first paragraph of this Wall Street Journal legal blog on the Right to Bear Arms, the author states that the Supreme Court is going to opine on the meaning of the phrase "to bear arms" as it pertains to personal protection and self defense.

Thing is, the Second Amendment says NOTHING about self defense, nothing at all. It says nothing about self defense, nothing about hunting, and nothing about target shooting.

For many long decades, anti-gunners (and the Supreme Court) have attempted to twist the Second Amendment into a mundane passage about self defense and personal protection and hunting and recreational shooting.

The Second Amendment is about NONE of those things.

Within the context of the Second Amendment, there is only ONE reason for citizens to keep and bear arms...and that is to Secure a Free State. Which means taking up arms against those who would repress our Freedoms — namely, a totalitarian Central Government.

As the Founders drafted it, the Second Amendment was intended to protect our Right to keep and bear firearms for the purpose of insurgency, of revolution against an oppressive government.

Strangely, anti-gunners aren't opposed to firearms, per se...without exception, anti-gunners agree that our military, our law-enforcement agencies and members of the Federal government should ALWAYS enjoy the right to keep and bear arms, as well as the right to use deadly force with near impunity.

The thing that anti-gunners oppose is the Right of CIVILIANS to keep and bear arms; in short, anti-gunners advocate for a complete transfer of power from the American people to the Central Government, such that we have NO POWER and NO RECOURSE to overthrow a corrupt government and its corrupt electoral process.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Exorcist" in Indiana "Demonic Possession" Case Signs Movie Deal...

To Which I Reply...

Here we go... The priest who "exorcised" the Gary, Indiana family has already signed a movie deal. As I predicted, it's just another "Amityville Horror" hoax, with SEVERAL conspirators looking for book and movie contracts.

In the case of the Amityville Horror, the "haunted" home owners (the Lutz family) sat down with a real estate agent, an attorney, a local priest, and an author, and they jointly FABRICATED the entire Amityville Horror story before they ever broke the story to the public. After breaking the story, they REPEATEDLY changed details, including those regarding the priest.

The Amityville Horror FRANCHISE produced SEVERAL books and SEVERAL movies over more than three decades, and the Lutz family has been to court SEVERAL times to protect their various financial interests in the story.

EVERYONE ELSE who lived in the Amityville Horror house (I believe there have been three subsequent owners) reported NO PARANORMAL ACTIVITY of any kind. However, paranormal FANTASY is a multimillion-dollar industry today, and the Gary, Indiana, HOAX is just another example of con-men cashing in.

The thing is, there are only a handful of REAL exorcists in the Catholic Church, and their FIRST job is to DISPROVE any report of demonic possession. These guys are some of the hardest skeptics you could imagine. It requires MONTHS of investigation and fact-gathering before a real exorcist will even CONSIDER performing the rites of exorcism.

It has to be a PROFOUND and utterly convincing case; and, when it IS a profound and utterly convincing case, the actual exorcism can go on for MONTHS.  You don't just waltz in there and do it in one evening or even over several days.

REAL exorcisms (yes, there are REAL cases) are spiritual battles. They test the Faith of everybody involved, including the exorcist, further stoking his spirituality.

Accordingly, the handful of REAL exorcists in the world seek anonymity, not publicity. They do not seek MATERIAL GAIN in any form. Very few REAL exorcists will even agree to DISCUSS exorcism. For them, it's far too spiritual an experience to sully with sensationalism.