Friday, October 3, 2014

Health officials are saying that the Ebola outbreak in Africa is the worst human crisis they've EVER SEEN in peacetime or war. REALLY? Ebola has claimed only about 3300 African lives since last December. ISLAM killed 3000 Americans in ONE HOUR on September 11, 2001, and has killed and injured THOUSANDS MORE worldwide over the last 13 years. This doesn't even acknowledge the MILLIONS of women that Muslims NORMALLY abuse and mutilate every day.  So, when are we going to officially declare ISLAM an EPIDEMIC and fight it like any other filthy DISEASE?

You know, declaring Islam a DISEASE isn't an "extreme" view, actually, compared to the sinister extremism on the Left. The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have, for the last 25 years, been trying to concoct a way to declare that GUN VIOLENCE is an EPIDEMIC, so that FEMA could step in and combat American gun ownership as a DISEASE. I shit you not. The Left-wing CDC and WHO have been into anti-gun activism against the USA for DECADES.

Here's the proof from Forbes Magazine...

Obama tries to Resurrect Clinton's FAILED Initiative to Declare Gun Ownership a DISEASE...

Islam is killing and torturing and mutilating more people than gun violence. Yet, there is no initiative to declare Islam a DISEASE, which it certainly IS.

Monday, September 22, 2014

You can talk ABOUT rebellion and revolution, but NEVER tell them HOW you intend to do it — that's DUMBER than dumb.  The NSA is monitoring every BYTE of digital communications on Earth...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

News Photographers Becoming a LITTLE BIT Cynical of Obama's Divine Presence...

From Obama's speech last night.  There's no doubt of the photographer's intent as he deliberately framed Obama with the curtains behind him forming several sinister devil horns.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Schools Dropping Out of Michelle Obama's Federal Lunch Program

Schools around the country are dropping out of Michelle Obama's school lunch program because kids are REFUSING TO EAT from the federal menu — the number of kids actually eating school-provided lunches has PLUMMETED since the program came online, while the amount of food DISCARDED by kids has SKYROCKETED. Schools claim that this drop in kids eating (coupled with the increase in waste) is adversely affecting school budgets.

Michelle's program took grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and spaghetti with meatballs OFF of the school menu, only to replace them with low-carb, low-calorie rabbit food.  It doesn't take an Einstein to anticipate the kids' reaction.

Meanwhile, the Obama family (including the girls) regularly dine on barbecue pork ribs and greasy collard greens — no, that's not racist, it's a matter of documented fact.  In addition, Barack Obama is still a beer-drinker and cigar-smoker, although the press has been warned to stay away from any coverage of the Obamas' personal dietary habits.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest got up in front of a briefing and tried to answer a question about Obama's spineless and truly reckless foreign policy:

"I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, uh, you know, the – the tranquility of the global community.”

Of course, the stammering is always edited out of official White House transcripts...

White House Press Briefing Transcript (7/14/2014)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Obama gave a 40-minute "economic" address Thursday in Austin, Texas, that quickly turned into a lament about HIMSELF and the responsibilties of his job – referring to himself with the words "I," "me," and "my" a total of 199 times – as he vowed to continue taking Executive Actions outside of Congress and the Will of the American people. Incredibly, the erstwhile president even said: "It is lonely, ME just doing stuff..."

Which, regrettably for Obama, is a DIRECT allusion to the Team America spoof from 2004, when the communist Kim Jong IL puppet sang "I'm So Ronery" (being a disgusting little dictator)....

Barack Hussein Obama is so STUPID, he doesn't even REALIZE how transparent he is, a worldwide laughingstock.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I've said this before... Everytime the central government is humiliated, they stage a mass-murder...  Tell me I'm wrong...

Yeah, I know people will ask, "HOW can the government ORCHESTRATE a 'random' incident?"

Look, it's an established FACT that the majority of mass shooters and bombers and "random" killers are ALREADY on the government's radar (the FBI knows about them, local police know about them), and most of these killers are on prescription psychoactive drugs — meaning that they have been under a doctor's care in the past (meaning that their mental health has been reported to the government).

Yes, doctors share your mental health information with the government. Don't be naive.

We also know that entertainment and news media content DOES motivate people to react and behave in predictable ways — the advertising industry wouldn't even exist if people weren't susceptible to "suggestion," right?

So, yeah, the government knows where the Left-wing nutbags are, they know their state of mental health, and the gubbmint strategically ALLOWS and ENCOURAGES these nutbags to go off the deep end.

Consider the recent case of Elliot Rodgers, the privileged little sissy-boy in Santa Barbara who murdered three people with a knife and three people with a gun before drilling a hole in his own head. A week earlier, Elliot's FAMILY called the police on him, because he was scaring them...

The police interviewed Elliot and the police WALKED AWAY, remarking that he was a "nice and polite" and a "wonderful" young man. Nevermind that he had been in psychotherapy for 14 years. Nevermind that he had posted SEVERAL homicidal rants in social media. The government knowingly and strategically ALLOWED Elliot Rodgers to go off the deep end.

It's the same story with EVERY assassin and mad bomber, from Lee Harvey Oswald to Ted Kaczynski in the past and right up to the present. The government already KNOWS about them, the killers are already on government radar. They are ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED to act out their deranged fantasies.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

KRAUTHAMMER: If Obama was a Republican, He Would Be IMPEACHED...

"Look, he is not a natural politician. I don't think he even likes politics, which is odd for a man who is president. He clearly has completely failed at doing what the president has to do, which is work with the other side. But the worst part of it is he doesn't care about the Constitution. There will be presidents after him. And if he he gets away with all this overreach — creating laws, rewriting laws, ignoring laws — it will be a occasional defeat for the country and for the rule of law, and I think that's the worst part of this. If this were a Republican, he would be impeached now over all of these abuses."

Monday, June 23, 2014

HERE is the source of ISIS Terrorism in Iraq: Barack Obama supported and supplied Syrian Rebels who were KNOWN Al Qaeda terrorists...

Once more, Rand Paul proves what an IDIOT he is by BLAMING BUSH for ISIS Terrorists invading and overthrowing Iraq...

That's funny, the ISIS Terrorists (who are backed by Al Qaeda) didn't even exist until Barack Obama pulled all American troops out of Iraq and started supplying Syrian Rebels (who are ALSO backed by Al Qaeda).  Rand Paul, you're an IDIOT, just like your father, Ron Paul.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

SONIC Drive-Ins and Other Restaurants Announce a BAN on Guns...

"SONIC confirmed that franchises will prohibit guns on all properties, but that they will refer to local laws if they see guns inside cars at drive-ins."  — MSNBC

You know what's ironic, or at least redundant?  Chili's Bar & Grill publicly announced the same thing, that guns aren't permitted on the premises.  Thing is, state and federal laws ALREADY prohibit carrying firearms into businesses that sell and serve alcohol.  Chili's, as you know, is as well known as a bar as it is a restaurant.

As we gun owners who have taken concealed carry courses know, one of the conditions of our permits is that we DO NOT carry into businesses that sell/serve alcohol... That means convenience stores, sports bars, restaurant/bars, public events where alcohol is served, etc.  So, Chili's announcement is pure lip-service, a political anti-gun statement to appease the spineless, cowardly anti-gun crowd.  It means NOTHING.

Another condition is that we don't carry in businesses that post a little 8x10 sign in the window, saying, "No Weapons Permitted"... That's fine, we have no problem with that.  But what we're seeing today at many Left-wing businesses across the country is GRANDSTANDING, making PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS to the WORLD that they WILL NOT TOLERATE guns.  And that is nothing but political posturing for a Left-wing agenda.

Again, it means NOTHING.

In fact, those businesses that are announcing "gun-free zones" — such as Jack-in the Box, Chipotle's, and many other Left-leaning businesses — are NOT promoting safety and security.  In recent days, several of those businesses that publicly ANNOUNCED such anti-gun stances have been robbed at people who DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS about the LAW.

These are businesses that are pandering to Left-wing, unconstitutional pressure to OUTLAW GUNS on as many properties as possible, which is a prelude to banning guns in public AND in private.

Friday, May 30, 2014

I don't even believe this. At the "Inclusive Capitalism Initiative Conference" in London last Tuesday, Prince Charles called for an END to Capitalism as we know it in order to save the earth from climate change.

You know what "Inclusive Capitalism" is, right? That's Capitalism wherein EVERYBODY gets an equal piece of the pie, whether he contributes to the economy or not. Succinctly, "Inclusive Capitalism" is pig-latin for Socialism.

Keep in mind, Prince Charles isn't even in a position of power in Britain, but he's always lived a life of privilege, AND his "royal" family is the biggest group of welfare recipients in the country. OF COURSE he loves Socialism.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Rodgers Killing Spree: Families of BOTH Murderer and Victim BLAME the U.S. Constitution

So, a Liberal California attorney and a Liberal Hollywood director are going to team up and put an end to LEGAL gun ownership, because Elliot Rodgers killed 3 people with a gun AFTER killing 3 people with a KNIFE, right. Who's teaming up to ban KNIVES, I ask you? Put the blame where it BELONGS — on a MENTAL PATIENT who had been in psychotherapy since he was 8 years old.

I mean, I UNDERSTAND that both the Liberal attorney and the Liberal director are grieving the loss of their sons through an act of senseless, psychotic violence. But are they SERIOUSLY arguing that the CONSTITUTION and the SECOND AMENDMENT are to blame for their shared grief?

It sounds more to me as though these two hardcore LIBERALS are going to POLITICIZE their grief and exact punishment against the RIGHTS of the American people, with the objective of DISARMING all Americans and handing ALL the firepower to the GOVERNMENT.

Which is INSANE. Perhaps they're insane with GRIEF. But insanity is STILL insanity, regardless of the cause.

If these two privileged Liberals mutually agree to POLITICIZE their loss and their grief for an unconstitutional agenda, I find that morally REPUGNANT.

Why isn't this attorney SUING the director for being a SHITTY FATHER who kept his homicidal son in psychotherapy for 14 years, but who couldn't keep a knife and a gun out of his hands?

Elliot Rodgers' parents KNEW that he was a nutbag since he was 8 years old, which is when they put him into psychotherapy. That's 14 years of KNOWING that the kid was UNSAFE.

Elliots' family CALLED THE POLICE on him a WEEK BEFORE he killed everybody. So the family KNEW he was dangerous. Elliot was WRITING all sorts of insane shit in social media, so EVERYBODY ELSE knew he was a nutbag, too.

But the police actually INTERVIEWED Elliot and found him to be "nice and polite" the police just walked away.

Does that not sound WEIRD?

Does it not sound WEIRD that a KNOWN mental patient was reported by his own family, but law enforcement officials DIDN'T CHECK to see if he had purchased 3 handguns and 500 rounds of ammo? They didn't CHECK social media to see his insane, homicidal rants?

To me, this sounds like a JANFU... Joint Army/Navy Fuck-Up. The FAMILY fucked up, the LAW ENFORCEMENT fucked up, shrugged their shoulders, walked away.

Now his Liberal dad and the Liberal dad of his victim are going to attack the CONSTITUTION, to avoid blaming the NUTBAG and the FAILURE of the nutbag's PARENTS?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I wonder how Hillary is going to run her FEMINIST presidential campaign when she has a HISTORY of blaming WOMEN for Bill Clinton being a sexual predator...?

All through the 90s, the feminist movement (spearheaded by the National Organization for Women) remained totally, inexplicably SILENT on Bill Clinton's notorious history of sexual assault and abuse of women.

Hillary Clinton, herself, publicly "stood by her man" and referred to Bill's victims as "trailer trash" — even after Bill was found GUILTY of obstructing justice and was fined $900,000 in Federal Court (Paula Jones vs Bill Clinton), and even after Bill's public confession that he had "inappropriate" sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Hillary Clinton consistently BLAMED THE WOMEN involved; and the feminist movement had NOTHING TO SAY on the matter.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

I know the Obama administration looks at my posts — I'm ON the federal watch-list, they think I'm a purveyor of violence-inciting hate speech — but I have to wonder if my posts actually STOP the government from murdering people.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've never liked Bill O'Reilly for his two-faced, flip-flopping, Left-leaning hypocrisy — he even recently called Barack Obama an "American Patriot." I mean, O'Reilly is a ranting "conservative-in-name-only" (not unlike Glenn Beck) who parrots the Socialist talking points on "Hate Speech" more often than not.

Most bizarre is the fact that Marne Levine, the Facebook VP of Global Public Policy, has publicly (perhaps accidentally) conceded that there is NO "universally-accepted definition of Hate Speech..."  Bizarre, that is, coming from Facebook, which selectively targets "Hate Speech" with an unmistakable bias against Conservative and Right-wing pages while ignoring some truly threatening Left-wing pages.

Here's Marne Levine's rather perplexing explanation of Facebook's zero-tolerance policy regarding "Hate Speech"...

Controversial, Harmful and Hateful Speech on Facebook

Meaning that Facebook determines for itself what is Hate Speech. Meaning that various universities around the country are determining for themselves what is Hate Speech. Meaning that the Federal Government determines for itself what is Hate Speech, as does the Mainstream Media and numerous Left-wing activist groups and even professional sports organizations.

In the Don Sterling racism scandal, this white NBA team owner's privately recorded "Hate Speech" was sensationally made public, and Sterling was severely punished; Sterling was banished from the NBA, in fact, and fined $2.5 Million.  Yet, when a righteously-incensed Larry Johnson (a black player-turned-NBA-executive) responded by threatening to form an all-black basketball league that bans whites, Johnson caught no heat at all, even though his speech was far more racist than Sterling's.

As expected, race-baiting Liberals immediately attempted to find a connection between Don Sterling and the Republican Party, thereby linking the GOP with "Hate Speech"... Unfortunately for race-baiting Liberals, it seems that Don Sterling was not only a card-carrying Democrat, he was a campaign donor to the Democrat Party...

Liberals Try to Link Don Sterling to Republican Party

In the same week, we heard the plans of U.S. Senator Ed Markey (a Massachusetts Liberal Democrat, of course), who is introducing a bill called the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, which would empower the Federal Government to "scour the Internet" for violence-inciting "Hate Speech" (a virtual cyber-witch-hunt) and somehow censor the purveyors of such hateful, brutish language...

Harvey Silverglate, a civil liberties attorney based in Massachussetts, says, “It is not up to Sen. Markey, nor to the federal government, to define for a free people what speech is and is not acceptable.” For once, I find myself in wholehearted agreement with an attorney.

There are also movements on school campuses nationwide to ban certain words and phrases that student use, with the ultimate objective of changing institutional policy, governmental policy, and social policy...

Based on the afore-mentioned instances of Socialist censorship — not to mention many others — Liberal Socialists are essentially redefining "hate speech" every day... Broadening their target, as it were.

The mainstream media and Federal Government are gearing up to drive the 2014 mid-term election on the issues of Racism and Intolerance, so they need several recent examples of White-on-Black Racism, Intolerance toward Illegal Aliens, Bullying, and Hate-Speech.

Not that these are real issues. Make no mistake, they're not real issues.

Liberal Socialists feel the need to divert attention away from the real issues, such as Unconstitutional Gun Control, Unconstitutional Censorship, Unconstitutional Healthcare Reform, Unconstitutional Amnesty and Citizenship, as well as incompetence, corruption, and treason in our highest offices.

Racism, Intolerance and "Hate Speech" are Liberal red herrings that have NO BEARING on the mid-term election (nor anything else), but they do divert and stir up the low-information Liberal voters.

"Hate speech" or not, we're looking at an all-out assault on Free Speech and Free Thought.

My point is that anybody can point his crooked, trembling finger at any image, at any word, at any phrase and call it "offensive" or "hateful" or "discriminatory" or "racist," and the Socialist Inquisition will swoop in to eradicate those images and words and phrases...and people.

Where there is a War on Hate Speech with no definition of "Hate Speech," all speech is in jeopardy.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Reflections on the Most Dangerous Weapon: Human Nature

On average, there are 30,000 gun-related deaths per year in the United States. Two-thirds of the total number are suicides. The remaining one-third (about 10,000 deaths) are due to deliberate homicide, violent crime, police action and (at the bottom of the list) accidental shooting. Considering that some 85 MILLION legal gun owners possess over 300 MILLION guns in the United States, this means that far less than one-tenth of one-tenth of one-percent of legal gun owners could even possibly be responsible for all the gun-related deaths in America.

I mean, if there is a scientific, demonstrable correlation between the proliferation of guns and the number of deaths in a country, then — with 85 MILLION legal gun owners and over 300 MILLION guns in the United States — why aren't there MILLIONS of gun deaths in this country? Even anti-gun, anti-constitution wackos have to admit that the number of gun-related deaths is miraculously low for such a heavily-armed population.

You can't credit law enforcement for these low numbers, because they are doing a lot of the killing, themselves.  Rather, you can credit a remarkably restrained population of gun owners who do not immediately resort to lethal force.

In those nations that have banned guns, the killing goes on, unabated. The largest single-shooter killing spree in WORLD HISTORY occurred on July 22, 2011 in Norway (a "gun-free" nation) when Anders Breivik shot and killed 69 people and wounded 110 more (critically wounding 55 of them). Oh, an hour earlier, he also murdered 8 people and wounded over 200 with a homemade bomb, but we're not counting bombs, are we?

As an asides, Breivik was sentenced to only 21 years in prison. Gotta love the anti-gun, anti-death-penalty mentality, right?

In Britain, knife crime is a growing problem, although gangs still prefer to use firearms in that "gun free" nation. In Spain there is a knife problem. In France there is a growing knife problem. In Denmark there is also a knife problem; interestingly, the Danish police say that, when knives are available, they are used more frequently and with more devastating effect than guns.

Knife crimes started spiking in Japan after they banned private gun ownership, and knife attacks claim more and more lives in Japan every year; but that nation was rocked in 2001 when a knife-wielding man entered an Osaka elementary school and murdered 8 children and seriously wounded 13 more children and two teachers in what was the largest single-killer mass-murder in modern Japanese history. Another of the more outstanding knife frenzies was the Tokyo mass-murder of 2007, when a lone attacker murdered 7 people and wounded 7 more in a shopping district, which caused Japanese officials to seriously consider banning hunting knives. Rising knife crime is still a major concern in Japan.

Within the last month, there have been TWO mass-murders in China using knives only. The first occurred when 8 knife-wielding attackers killed 29 people and wounded 143 others at a Kunming train station. The second attack occurred a little over a week later when a guy killed 6 people in a Changsha marketplace, reportedly "hacking to death" one of his victims. The Chinese aren't so lenient with knife-wielding mass-murderers — their armed police shoot down offenders in the street.

Point is, banning weapons does not address the problem of mental instability and violent human nature. It doesn't actually matter about the availability of weapons — we'll kill each other with any weapon we can obtain. While weapons come and go, our homicidal nature has not changed throughout Human history.

However, today we sensationalize mass murder, particularly in the West, and we use it to drive our political agendas. Curiously, one of the first questions we ask in America following a sensational murder spree is "Was the killer a Left-winger or a Right-winger?"  (In point of fact, FBI statistics show that liberal Left-wingers are twice as likely to go on homicidal sprees, including bombings, assassinations, mass-shootings, and other acts of domestic terrorism.)

Our state-owned news media would have you believe that mass-murders are on the increase across America, particularly on school campuses; but this is patently untrue. Law enforcement statistics show that the frequency of murder on American school campuses has remained unchanged for many decades. I mean, quickly, can you tell me the worst homicidal attack on an American school campus in the last century?  Did you think of Columbine in 1999? Did you think of the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007? Or maybe you immediately chose the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012?

Guess again.

The worst homicidal attack on an American school campus in the last hundred years occurred in Bath, Michigan, in 1927.

A guy named Andrew Kehoe killed 38 elementary school children and six adults and injured 58 others when he premeditatedly detonated hundreds of pounds of dynamite under the Bath Consolidated School. He even waited at the demolished school for rescuers to arrive so he could detonate more dynamite, killing himself and the school superintendent and seriously injuring many rescuers.

The sickness is in humanity, it's not in the choice of weapon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Knowing what we know of Obama's "promises," here's a little something for illegal aliens to think about...

HOO BOY... Portugal Drug Legalization Held Up as a Model for America?

2012 pro-decriminalization meme that is still circulating on Facebook.

To Which I Reply...

Socialist Portugal just opened all the doors and windows in 2001 and let the drugs flow and dealt with the addicts after the fact, using other people's money. Yep, that sounds fairly Socialist, alright.  Not surprisingly, the Democrat Socialist Party was voted out of power in Portugal in 2011, ten years after legalizing all drugs.  Yet, U.S. proponents of drug legalization still seize upon Portugal as a model for success.

To put this in perspective, the entire nation of Portugal has a population of only 10 million people. That's just slightly more than the population of New York City. Without fail, these "success stories" of legalized drugs and nationalized healthcare are always found in comparatively tiny countries that represent little more than classroom experiments.

Socialism can be made to work in the classroom; but it consistently FAILS when implemented in populations of hundreds of millions.

It would make more sense, to me, for the super-nations to secure their borders and try to keep illicit drugs (and Socialism) on the outside, rather than to permit the cancer to spread throughout the population, draining the economy, dividing society, and fracturing national will.

The citizens of the Russian Federation and the European Union can tell you all about depleted economies, divided societies and fractured national will; but, then again, the Russian Federation and the European Union are accustomed to a thousand years of decadence and oppression and brutality and submission.

The United States, however, is not a submissive country.  Traditionally, the USA tends to fight back.

As one of the most militarily-imposing nations the world has ever seen, the United States has a history of approaching our various national challenges as "wars" — not just military operations, either, but social challenges, such as the "War on Cancer" and the "War on Obesity" and the "War on Poverty" and the "War on Terrorism" and the "War on Drugs," et cetera, ad infinitum.

I mean, it's not as if the United States ever actually pursued a real "War on Drugs" or a "War on Poverty" or any of those other "wars"... We did NOT pursue them, except to give the American people vigorous lip service. This is not unlike our repeated "Immigration Reform" initiatives that go thoroughly unenforced.

I contend that we have never tried to staunch the flow of drugs into this country in any manner that could be accurately described as a "war"...  Rather, we pumped billions of dollars into the corrupt governments of Colombia and Mexico, presumably to prop-up their "wars" against drug cartels; however, the cartels OWN so much of the government in Latin America, I'm sure that most of our money went straight into the cartels themselves. 

That's a leadership problem in the USA; that's the scheme of throwing money at a problem but never taking definitive ACTION.  When such schemes fall flat on their faces, the U.S. government retreats to its ivory tower, offering only denial and obfuscation, and relying on the state-run press to divert the public's limited attention elsewhere.

Even when we hear about these bloody shootouts on the Mexican/U.S. border — precipitated by debacles such as "Operation Fast & Furious," through which the Department of Justice PROVIDED illegal weapons to drug traffickers in Mexico — our press somehow distorts the the story into a lament over the "proliferation of guns" in the USA.

Which is not what it's about.  Not at all.

These shootouts with drug traffickers who are packing American-made weapons are a testament to our ineffectual and backwards border security policies.

For godsake, our U.S. federal government is trafficking weapons and money and drugs into and out of foreign nations under the pretense of "U.S. National Security"; that is more than mere lip service or a lie to the American people, it's TREASON, inasmuch as our government is instigating and participating in highly illegal activities that are killing American citizens.

For the billions of dollars that the USA has spent on the bogus "War on Drugs," we could've constructed a 1500-mile-long steel-and-concrete barrier 20 feet high along our entire southern border, manned with observers and the highest-tech surveillance equipment and weaponry available — thus stemming the flow of illegal aliens and drug traffickers and potential terrorist threats.

Instead, our federal government has actively financed and supplied and enabled all of these illegal activities and made the problems exponentially WORSE than they were.  Now their "solution" is to grant amnesty and citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens (the very rumor of which has increased illegal immigration and border violence by 25% in the last 3 years), and then address border security after the fact.

Whereupon we're right back to "throwing open all the doors and windows," permitting a virtual invasion from Mexico, and passing the consequences on to the American taxpayer.

This sort of thinking — legalizing that which is illegal, opening the floodgates, and then sorting out the aftermath using other people's money — is entirely backwards and counter-productive. If we would only take decisive and timely and committed action from the beginning, instead of playing Socialist politics, we wouldn't HAVE most of the social and economic crises that we endure today in America.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PBS photo-retouch for the "Secret Lives of Scientists and Engineers" Website, replacing the
busts of American  leaders with the grinning heads of left-leaning pop-science personalities.

To Which I Reply...

Disciples of Carl Sagan, indeed.

It's important to note that the "disciples" cited in the above-linked blog are politically-motivated eco-alarmists...especially Michelle Thaller, Bill Nye and Neil Tyson. These latter-day spewers of scientific dogma have parroted their cherished Saganisms — vague cliches such as "all the grains of sand" and "primordial soup" and "nuclear winter" and "not a matter of IF but WHEN" — for decades, without even attempting to advance any fresh metaphor or rhetoric.

The real difference between these "disciples" and their departed guru is that Carl Sagan actually was brilliant and original and able to effectively communicate complex astrophysical concepts to the general public; and Sagan did so without supercilious editorialism.   

This latest crop of Saganites, however, have significantly lowered the bar when it comes to science and education, siezing every opportunity to not only lecture their audience in kiddie-speak, but to impart their political sentiments above and beyond any actual scientific insights.

The "disciples" and their zealous followers will protest: "That's the whole point of lowering the bar — so more DUMMIES can understand our stagnant scientific theories.  That's how modern education works!"

But, no, the point is that these "edutainment" personalities are not providing science educations so much as condescending political lectures.  American education has been in a death spiral for more than 20 years thanks to lowered educational standards; and these pop-science personalities such as Thaller, Nye and Tyson aren't actually INSPIRING anyone, as did Carl Sagan.

Rather, and deplorably, these modern talking heads spend more time spreading FEAR of asteroid impacts and super volcanoes and tsunamis and gamma ray bursts and anthropogenic global warming THEORIES than they do teaching scientific method. Because, surely, if they were teaching REAL science, they would warn their audience of the perils of fear-mongering THEORY.

Monday, March 3, 2014

FIGHT BACK CONNECTICUT Tees, Hoodies and Stickers!  GET 'EM HERE!

It's not just a slogan — it's the historical legacy of Connecticut, where anti-gunnners are today crusading to CONFISCATE your firearms and throw you in prison for owning them.

Speak out against the unconstitutional hysteria in Connecticut with these premium FIGHT BACK CONNECTICUT Tees, Hoodies and Stickers (featuring the Second Amendment) in white print or black print on your choice of background color.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Case

First off, I'm just going to assume that you know this classic case from the annals of UFO lore.  If not, READ ABOUT IT HERE...

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case in 1961 was only the first SENSATIONALIZED “alien abduction” case in the United States. In point of fact, there were several people (mainly huxters) in the 1950s who claimed to have “gone for a ride” on UFOs.

But what I want to know is WHY every paranormal television treatment of the Betty and Barney Hill Case for the last 40 years consistently OMITS the most interesting detail of the case?

See, during his very first hypnotic regression, Barney gave a REALLY DETAILED and intriguing description of the UFO and the abductors. He described their uniforms as tight, glossy black, with black military-style officer caps — appearing, to Barney's great alarm, like “German Nazis”…

Those were Barney’s words. Barney had served in the military in WWII; so, whether or not he actually fought in the European theatre of operations, he surely KNEW what "German Nazis" looked like.

The “German Nazi” description is documented from Barney’s tape-recorded hypnosis sessions, and that detail actually WAS included in the 1975 television movie “The UFO Incident” (starring James Earl Jones as Barney Hill).

But WHY would all subsequent paranormal TV programs for the next 40 years deliberately OMIT that particular and undeniably sensational detail of the Betty and Barney Hill Case?

I mean, most of today's paranormal TV programs have gotten aboard the "Nazi UFO" conspiracy — speculating on Foo Fighters, Nazi Flying Saucers, the Nazi Bell, as well as the possibility that the USA continued Nazi UFO research and development following WWII. But these paranormal programs consistently FAIL to make a Nazi UFO connection in the Betty and Barney Hill Case.

I mean, if Nazis actually DID develop flying saucer technology and brought it to the USA, wouldn’t the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill Case be the earliest public confirmation of Nazi UFOs?

Well, realistically, I can GUESS why all these paranormal TV shows have omitted many of Barney's claims. Barney wasn't a very consistent UFO witness; it seems that, every time he was questioned about his experience, Barney would CHANGE his story a little.

In his very FIRST hypnosis session, he described the UFO occupants as looking like "German Nazis," dressed in tight-fitting glossy black uniforms with officer caps. In his NEXT account of the abduction, Barney said only ONE of the abductors (the "Leader") was wearing a Nazi uniform, and all the others were wearing brownish fatigues. The NEXT time Barney recounted his story, he said there was also a red-haired guy who looked like an Irishman.

Fact is, you couldn't get the same story twice out of Barney Hill.

Within a few years, after retelling his story under hypnosis and in the press several times, Barney's story had changed so much that his UFO abductors had morphed into big-headed, grayish aliens with large wrap-around eyes (in other words, your standard-issue Outer Limits alien). The "Nazi" description had disappeared, as had the red-headed Irishman and several other details from his initial accounts.

Barney's is a classic example of the UFO witness who continually re-imagines his experience as he receives more and more feedback and publicity. His memories are manipulated by repeated hypnotic suggestion; he becomes more aware of UFO-related imagery in the press and entertainment; he becomes aware of which details are more popular with the public; and, consciously or not, he completely changes his story over time.

All of that said, I think Barney's FIRST and FRESHEST description of the UFO incident would be the most reliable — that description of "German Nazis" — and would be the most compelling reason to classify the Betty and Barney Hill Case as an encounter with a Nazi UFO.

Unless, of course, it was all a hoax.

Admittedly, Betty's "research" into UFOs continued for the rest of her life, long after Barney suddenly died of a brain hemorrhage in 1969 (he was pretty high-strung already, and the pressure of publicity probably killed him early). Betty's version of the story became more and more bizarre over the years, including her descriptions of "star maps" and all of the typical stuff that UFO enthusiasts pay to see and hear.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ohio National Guard Trains To Fight "Right-Wing Terrorism"

To Which I Reply...

Problem is that, traditionally and historically, the overwhelming MAJORITY of domestic terrorists in the USA are LEFT-WINGERS, from eco-terrorists to political assassins to mad bombers to school shooters. There is NO reality in which "Right-wing terrorism" is a greater threat than Left-wing terrorism. The REALITY is that Left-Wingers have murdered more American citizens than anyone.

This National Guard training propaganda is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why the National Guard does NOT represent the "Militia" as mentioned in the Second Amendment. A Citizen Militia is NOT a military force controlled by the Central Government; the National Guard, however, IS a military force entirely controlled by the Executive Branch of the Central Government.

An armed Citizen Militia is intended to provide the PEOPLE of America with the POWER to fight back against a totalitarian Central Government and its corrupt electoral process. Because, once the electoral process is CORRUPTED (as it is), and the Executive Branch BYPASSES the Legislative Branch (as it does), and the Executive Branch MANIPULATES the Judicial Branch (as it does), and ALL branches of government IGNORE the system of Checks and Balances (as they do), then the People actually have NO RECOURSE except to take up arms.

That was the original and ONLY intent of the Second Amendment, drafted by the Founders who had just come through a REVOLUTION against their Central Government.

Who do you think is going to fight for the PEOPLE against a corrupt and tyrannical Central Government? The National Guard? Do you think the National Guard is going to stage a coup and protect us against the government? Seriously? That's preposterous — the National Guard, and the Coast Guard, and the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are going to OBEY Executive Orders from the tyrannical Central Government.

People, there IS a Revolution coming, and I guarantee you that the Central Government is GOING TO LOSE for the same reason that the Government LOST at Ruby Ridge and Waco: BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS. For every American citizen murdered by our tyrannical Central Government, the Government is going to make a MILLION new enemies in America.

Supreme Court Once Again Manipulates Twists Undermines Interprets the Second Amendment

To Which I Reply...

In the very first paragraph of this Wall Street Journal legal blog on the Right to Bear Arms, the author states that the Supreme Court is going to opine on the meaning of the phrase "to bear arms" as it pertains to personal protection and self defense.

Thing is, the Second Amendment says NOTHING about self defense, nothing at all. It says nothing about self defense, nothing about hunting, and nothing about target shooting.

For many long decades, anti-gunners (and the Supreme Court) have attempted to twist the Second Amendment into a mundane passage about self defense and personal protection and hunting and recreational shooting.

The Second Amendment is about NONE of those things.

Within the context of the Second Amendment, there is only ONE reason for citizens to keep and bear arms...and that is to Secure a Free State. Which means taking up arms against those who would repress our Freedoms — namely, a totalitarian Central Government.

As the Founders drafted it, the Second Amendment was intended to protect our Right to keep and bear firearms for the purpose of insurgency, of revolution against an oppressive government.

Strangely, anti-gunners aren't opposed to firearms, per se...without exception, anti-gunners agree that our military, our law-enforcement agencies and members of the Federal government should ALWAYS enjoy the right to keep and bear arms, as well as the right to use deadly force with near impunity.

The thing that anti-gunners oppose is the Right of CIVILIANS to keep and bear arms; in short, anti-gunners advocate for a complete transfer of power from the American people to the Central Government, such that we have NO POWER and NO RECOURSE to overthrow a corrupt government and its corrupt electoral process.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Exorcist" in Indiana "Demonic Possession" Case Signs Movie Deal...

To Which I Reply...

Here we go... The priest who "exorcised" the Gary, Indiana family has already signed a movie deal. As I predicted, it's just another "Amityville Horror" hoax, with SEVERAL conspirators looking for book and movie contracts.

In the case of the Amityville Horror, the "haunted" home owners (the Lutz family) sat down with a real estate agent, an attorney, a local priest, and an author, and they jointly FABRICATED the entire Amityville Horror story before they ever broke the story to the public. After breaking the story, they REPEATEDLY changed details, including those regarding the priest.

The Amityville Horror FRANCHISE produced SEVERAL books and SEVERAL movies over more than three decades, and the Lutz family has been to court SEVERAL times to protect their various financial interests in the story.

EVERYONE ELSE who lived in the Amityville Horror house (I believe there have been three subsequent owners) reported NO PARANORMAL ACTIVITY of any kind. However, paranormal FANTASY is a multimillion-dollar industry today, and the Gary, Indiana, HOAX is just another example of con-men cashing in.

The thing is, there are only a handful of REAL exorcists in the Catholic Church, and their FIRST job is to DISPROVE any report of demonic possession. These guys are some of the hardest skeptics you could imagine. It requires MONTHS of investigation and fact-gathering before a real exorcist will even CONSIDER performing the rites of exorcism.

It has to be a PROFOUND and utterly convincing case; and, when it IS a profound and utterly convincing case, the actual exorcism can go on for MONTHS.  You don't just waltz in there and do it in one evening or even over several days.

REAL exorcisms (yes, there are REAL cases) are spiritual battles. They test the Faith of everybody involved, including the exorcist, further stoking his spirituality.

Accordingly, the handful of REAL exorcists in the world seek anonymity, not publicity. They do not seek MATERIAL GAIN in any form. Very few REAL exorcists will even agree to DISCUSS exorcism. For them, it's far too spiritual an experience to sully with sensationalism.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

University of Minnesota Wants to EXCLUDE Racial Descriptions in Crime Alerts

To Which I Reply...

The American educational system, government, press and commercial advertising have ALL demonstrated a pro-Black agenda for decades, to the exclusion of REALITY.

According to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, head of the largest and most racially-diverse police force in the United States, over 75% of all reported violent crime is committed by black males between the ages of 16 and 26. That's about 2% of the population of the USA.

Kelly said this on television in May of 2013. There is no reason to doubt Commissioner Kelly's veracity on this point. Blacks do, indeed, commit the VAST majority of violent crime in the USA.

What is the point, then, of sweeping the issue of race under the carpet, except to spread the blame out to OTHER races, or at least foster DOUBT as to which race commits the most crime?

Anyone who listens to police scanners knows the truth of the matter — easily three-quarters of all police calls identify the suspects as "black," and identifying suspects by RACE is entirely necessary to effective crime-fighting.

So, WHY HIDE the race of the suspects from the public? Because it is demoralizing to Blacks, who comprise only 14% of the American population? This sounds like a RACIAL problem. It's not a "teen problem" or a "gun problem" or a problem with ALL races in general. It is a problem with approximately 2% of the American population committing the GREAT MAJORITY of the CRIME in this country.

The mainstream media and federal government in America have been protecting Blacks for decades, in spite of the FACT that Blacks commit over 75% of the CRIME in this country. That's an established statistic. In the mainstream media, the FIRST impulse is to HIDE the racial, religious and political identities of the culprits, UNLESS they are White, Conservative, and Christian.

We can look back to 2002 for the most stunning example of this racist predisposition on the part of the media and federal government in regard to the Beltway Sniper incident. In October of that year, 10 white people in the Washington area were shot down — seemingly at random — with a high-powered rifle over a period of weeks. The news media REPEATEDLY quoted the Federal Bureau of Investigation in profiling the assassin as WHITE, RIGHT-WING, CHRISTIAN male.

This went on for weeks.

In the end, the assassins were found to be two Left-Wing Muslim BLACK males who were on a stated mission to murder WHITE PEOPLE.

No apologies were ever offered to the White community for the blatant RACISM from the FBI and in the press. But, if the FBI and press had profiled the killers as BLACK, LEFT-WING and MUSLIM — and the assassins later turned out to be White Christians — the apologies would not only be profuse but ONGOING, to this very day.

The pro-Black agenda in the press and federal government is also abundantly reflected in commercial advertising. For one glaring example, I'm sure you've all watched the ADT (formerly Brinks) home security commercials on TV, in which big, bad home invaders are depicted smashing out windows and kicking in doors and otherwise terrorizing fearful home owners. Invariably, these violent perpetrators are ALWAYS portrayed by WHITE men in their late 20s and early 30s.

Since Brinks (and later ADT) started advertising, they have NEVER produced a television commercial featuring a black male breaking and entering and ransacking a home — EVER — in spite of the fact that three-quarters of all home invasions are committed by black males between the ages of 16 and 26.

Blacks, apparently, are BEYOND REPROACH when it comes to university and government policy, as well as in commercial advertising and the mainstream press.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make No Mistake, The Anti-Gun Movement is an Unconstitutional Web of Lies

I’m often accused of being mean-spirited, and I AM mean-spirited when it comes to certain issues. Public ignorance and stupidity regarding Constitutional law is one of those issues.

Anyone who has followed the anti-gun movement over the past 50 years (I’ve researched and reported on it since the mid-1980s) knows that anti-gunners are, invariably, Left-wing activists with a mean-spirited Socialist agenda.

Over the last three decades, I’ve documented hundreds of instances of anti-gunners deliberately fabricating the most ABSURD “facts” in their unconstitutional crusade to deprive Americans of their basic and protected rights. These fabrications range from completely unsubstantiated child mortality numbers to outright distortions of the intent of the Second Amendment to the invention of nonsensical terms (such as “assault weapons”) designed to incite fear and distrust among American citizens.

I’ve documented the behind-the-scenes anti-gun efforts to pressure the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization into declaring gun violence an “epidemic” (an actual disease), which would permit FEMA to step in and seize tens of millions of legally-owned firearms across the USA, just as though they were dealing with an outbreak of the plague.

In short, the anti-gun movement is and always has been a WEB of LIES; its calculated Socialist propaganda targets the lowest-information citizens — necessarily meaning Liberals.

In my experience, in arguing the issue over the years, I find that anti-gunners aren’t TRULY against guns, strange as that may sound… Without fail, they ARE NOT opposed to the military, federal government and law-enforcement agencies keeping and bearing “assault weapons”; rather, they are wholly opposed to private American CITIZENS keeping and bearing ANY weapons.

Indeed, anti-gunners are QUITE comfortable with arming the central government to the teeth, just as long as you and I are deprived of that right; that is to say, the anti-gun movement is NOT about opposition to firearms, it’s about an opposition to a BALANCE OF POWER between American citizens and the central government. Anti-gunners despise and are dedicated to undermining POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

I mean, seriously, what IS an “assault weapon”?

Well, taken at its face, it would be a weapon used for the purpose of assault. Again, taken at its face, that could be a breech-loading shotgun, it could be a knife, it could be a slingshot, it could be a recurve or compound bow. ANYTHING that is designed as a weapon that is USED for purposes of assault is an “assault weapon.”

The qualifying term is “assault.” So, why in the media does that term currently apply only to tactical firearms?

Well, it’s a deliberately ambiguous term, because it can be applied to ANY weapon that people take up to assault other people; or, more precisely, ANY weapon that people utilize to shoot at the GOVERNMENT.

Shooting at the government is PRECISELY the intent of the Second Amendment — it says that an armed citizen militia is NECESSARY to SECURING a FREE STATE. That doesn’t allude to hunting or home defense or skeet-shooting — it’s talking about overthrowing a tyrannical GOVERNMENT by force of arms.

As soon as anti-gunners ever succeed in banning automatic rifles (which they haven’t yet accomplished, by the way), the NEXT “assault weapons” in their sights will be semi-automatic firearms (including handguns and hunting rifles and semi-auto shotguns). When semi-automatics are banned as “assault weapons,” then the anti gunners will move on to revolvers, and then breech-loading shotguns, and then zip-guns, and then blowguns, and then bows and arrows and slingshots and knives.

Think in terms of the frog slowly boiling to death.

ALL of these weapons will EVENTUALLY bear the ridiculously generalized label of “assault weapons.” This is exactly why the term “assault weapon” was fabricated. It’s an ongoing diminution of your right to keep and bear ANY weapons.

Although Left-wingers have long employed the cry “POWER TO THE PEOPLE,” it’s achingly apparent that anti-gunners want a complete TRANSFER of power FROM the people TO the central government.

THAT, learned friends, is un-American.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Even the IPCC (the International Panel on Climate Change, the most politically-partisan "science" group associated with the United Nations) reluctantly acknowledges that there has been NO increase in global temperature in over 15 years; and NASA satellite images demonstrate that the size of Earth's polar caps is INCREASING dramatically — the Arctic ice sheet actually INCREASED by 65%, measured from August 2012 to August 2013.

Beyond that, the frequency and severity of hurricanes has DIMINISHED in the last 15 years (despite the desperate and failed predictions of global warming alarmists), which is a certain indicator of global COOLING. Undoubtedly, this is all the result of anomalous Solar activity, not any effort of Mankind.

The only thing you can say with certainty about Scientific prediction is that it's consistently dogmatic and consistently WRONG.