Monday, January 30, 2012


If we REALLY want to think outside the box, there's no reason to build these enormously expensive fleets of starships and space stations and all that nonsense.

I mean, our ultimate objective in the Universe is to acquire information. We acquire information from myriad sources. So, if I sit down and illustrate the procedures for fabricating a bronze statue and send that information to you, you could use that information to fabricate a bronze statue. You have acquired the information necessary for building that statue.

That's the driving force of Humanity, okay. Acquiring information and utilizing it to our benefit.

But, then, that's the driving force of Life and Consciousness, as well. We consume information, we extract the information that is beneficial to our survival, and we expel the extraneous bits.

Information is what the Universe is all about.

I contend that if we had an adequate communications system, we'd never have to leave our home planets. We could stay at home and play on the InterGalactiNet, retrieving information from all over the universe without ever leaving home.

And I'll go one step further and say that this communications system ALREADY EXISTS and has existed for hundreds of millions and maybe BILLIONS of years.

I think that our Human minds are in contact with other non-Human intelligences constantly. We interact with our pets on a telepathic level, for example — there is unspoken UNDERSTANDING between humans and animals here on Earth. Yes, there is also MISUNDERSTANDING, for the most part, because we tend to crash into animal environments, unfortunately, without regard for the critters. We don't have the patience and the compassion. So there's a LOT of misunderstanding.

But there are also exquisite and perfect moments of communication between humans and animals, and you know it. Even telepathic communications between humans and animals. It's there. You know it happens.

That's the evidence Quantum communication exists. Yeah, sure, it's anecdotal, but even the stoniest skeptic knows there's something going on. Science is coming to acknowledge the possibility of ultramundane energies... Ultramundane describes those forces that exist outside of our ability to measure them. We ride the crest of these forces in our journey across the Cosmos.

But it's these "ultramundane" forces that we can tap RIGHT NOW using our MINDS to explore the farthest reaches of Creation.

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