Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You know, I think my blogs are...well, they aren't boring, but they may come across as pretentious, lecturing, know-it-all bap.  Bap, incidentally, means nonsense, babbling crap. Bap.

I'm not a purveyor of bap, okay?

The philosophical views I hold were gained through experience; I'm not a philologist or a philosopher, and I don't just glom onto trendy subjects and spew soundbites thereof.

For example, one time a guy on a message board accused me of being a parrot for the conservative rhetoric of FOX News.  I told him that I didn't even watch TV, much less favor a particular channel for its rhetorical content.

He insisted that I was a shill for FOX News; but, to be fair, he accuses anyone who speaks from a position of common sense of being a shill for FOX News.

I don't watch FOX News because I don't watch television.  I don't listen to FOX News on the radio, either.  But since when did it become a traitorous activity to listen or watch anything you want, anyway?

I have a pretty broad perspective on what is happening in America, and by that  I mean I look at the USA within the context of what happens to civilizations over centuries.

We need to remember why the USA was founded; or, more specifically, we should remember what threat the Founders were trying to escape.

The grave threat to the early Americans was an oppressive, money-grubbing central government.  It controlled everything in their lives.  It controlled the lucrative trade of luxuries such as tea, and rum, and tobacco, as well as the staples of life for the American colonists.

The Founders — who were wealthy men, make no mistake — wanted to get out from under the pall of a nanny state that controlled virtually every aspect of their lives.  Essentially, the Founders just wanted their own playing field.

This is the story of every revolution that has ever transpired in the history of Humankind.  Same feeling, same passions, same progression of muzzled anger into violent confrontation.  Same thing that's happening in the world and in the USA today.

Don't be deceived by media outlets that proclaim themselves "fair and balanced," as FOX does.  Every media outlet has an agenda, a sponsor, a benefactor.  There's no such thing as an unbiased media outlet, okay?

Truth is Pure Information, right?  It's information you can use, information that is practical, information that is uplifting to the spirit.  But there is no news outlet in America — or in the world, for that matter — that provides Pure Information.  Yeah.  Not one news outlet in America tells the Truth.

It's ALL tainted in some way.

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