Thursday, August 17, 2017

Of Statues, Flags and False Flags...

Since last Saturday (August 12, 2017), "white supremacy" has suddenly caught fire in the mainstream press, with Left-wing activists, politicians, captains of industry and social media all gearing up for war against the insidious cancer of "white supremacy" (as personified, for the most part, by the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party).

All across the nation, throngs of Left-wing hate groups are rioting in the streets, spewing their hatred of America, destroying private property and business, threatening private citizens and public figures, attacking and injuring both police and bystanders, and now tearing down historical monuments, with more to come.

Yet, suddenly, ever since the violence in Charlottesville, America is entirely focused on "white supremacy" as the big, bad mother of all evil in this country.

Nobody knows the actual number of members comprising the many chapters of ANTIFA and BLM and associated Left-wing hate groups in America.  Those groups prefer to keep their numbers and identities a secret (because they publicly commit violent crime nationwide).

What IS known, however, is how many Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party members there are in America (because our various law enforcement agencies KEEP TRACK of those numbers).

The KKK has a current total membership of 3000 in the USA, while the American Nazi Party has a total membership of 400.  That's 3400 active, foaming white supremacists in the entire country.

Most of you belong to Facebook pages that each contain many thousands more members than the KKK and Nazi memberships combined.

So, WHY are these 3400 KKK and Nazi clowns MORE of a dire threat to America than the throngs of Left-wing hate mongers (such as ANTIFA and BLM) who are physically attacking and terrorizing America right before our eyes?

I'm calling it a false flag, a diversionary tactic.

The news outlets and activist groups and celebrities and politicians and corporate CEOs and social media platforms who are "going to war" against white supremacy are either gullible enough to believe the false Left-wing narrative, or they are complicit in shielding far more dangerous Left-wing terrorism.

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