Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Once more, for the mentally-challenged and uneducated Left-wingers out there, the Second Amendment isn't about hunting or target practice.  It's about securing a free state against those who would deprive us of our liberty.  Which necessarily means killing and dying in the struggle from time to time and watering the Tree of Liberty with our blood (to borrow from Thomas Jefferson).

Taking the Second Amendment in its proper context, our right to keep and bear "assault weapons" is entirely protected and appropriate.

Beyond that, the Second Amendment doesn't mention specific firearms or even firearms in general.  It only says "ARMS"... Arms can be ANYTHING used as a weapon to secure a free state.  Pitchforks, Bowie knives, longswords, slingshots, compound bows, AR-15s, rocket-propelled grenades and more are ALL "arms"... 

The Founders didn't stipulate specific arms, just arms in general, because they knew very well that weapons technology would change and improve over the generations; but they wanted the Constitution to always protect our right to keep and bear those "arms," no matter how they were made manifest in the future.

—Zesko Whirligan

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