Monday, February 10, 2014

Ohio National Guard Trains To Fight "Right-Wing Terrorism"

To Which I Reply...

Problem is that, traditionally and historically, the overwhelming MAJORITY of domestic terrorists in the USA are LEFT-WINGERS, from eco-terrorists to political assassins to mad bombers to school shooters. There is NO reality in which "Right-wing terrorism" is a greater threat than Left-wing terrorism. The REALITY is that Left-Wingers have murdered more American citizens than anyone.

This National Guard training propaganda is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why the National Guard does NOT represent the "Militia" as mentioned in the Second Amendment. A Citizen Militia is NOT a military force controlled by the Central Government; the National Guard, however, IS a military force entirely controlled by the Executive Branch of the Central Government.

An armed Citizen Militia is intended to provide the PEOPLE of America with the POWER to fight back against a totalitarian Central Government and its corrupt electoral process. Because, once the electoral process is CORRUPTED (as it is), and the Executive Branch BYPASSES the Legislative Branch (as it does), and the Executive Branch MANIPULATES the Judicial Branch (as it does), and ALL branches of government IGNORE the system of Checks and Balances (as they do), then the People actually have NO RECOURSE except to take up arms.

That was the original and ONLY intent of the Second Amendment, drafted by the Founders who had just come through a REVOLUTION against their Central Government.

Who do you think is going to fight for the PEOPLE against a corrupt and tyrannical Central Government? The National Guard? Do you think the National Guard is going to stage a coup and protect us against the government? Seriously? That's preposterous — the National Guard, and the Coast Guard, and the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are going to OBEY Executive Orders from the tyrannical Central Government.

People, there IS a Revolution coming, and I guarantee you that the Central Government is GOING TO LOSE for the same reason that the Government LOST at Ruby Ridge and Waco: BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS. For every American citizen murdered by our tyrannical Central Government, the Government is going to make a MILLION new enemies in America.

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