Monday, January 9, 2012


Allow me to call to mind a guy named Ed Walters... You all know Ed Walters, right? Okay, tell me what you think you know about Ed Walters.

Your answer will be: He was the guy who hoaxed the Gulf Breeze sightings two decades ago.

And I'll ask you How do you KNOW he hoaxed all those photos and films and videos?

Well, the fact is, Ed Walters was NEVER PROVEN to have hoaxed anything. There were plenty of evil rumors that he was a hoaxter; but those who accused him were the more likely frauds.

As a matter of fact, MUFON investigated the Gulf Breeze sightings thoroughly. MUFON even provided specially prepared, tamper-proof cameras to Ed Walters, and the son-of-a-gun "grabbed" more UFO pictures on demand.

One of the cameras that MUFON provided was a Nimslo 3D (with 4 lenses) — every shutter release exposed 4 frames of film simultaneously, each frame slightly offset from the other. Not only does the Nimslo defeat manual tampering with the film, but the resulting stereoscopic image can be analyzed to determine whether or not there is an actual three-dimensional object in front of the camera.

MUFON examined Ed Walters' 3D photos and found them authentic. Hella authentic.

MUFON then provided Walters with a stereoscopic array — two film cameras on a tripod-mounted rack, separated by about a meter. The cameras could be remotely triggered to record synchronized frames. Extending straight out from between the two cameras was a scaling rod that would appear in all frames.

With this set-up — utilizing the known distance between the cameras, the known length of the scaling rod, and a basic trigonometric equation — MUFON intended to determine the distance and altitude of any UFOs that Walters might capture.

The son-of-a-gun "grabbed" more UFO images with this rig, and MUFON successfully determined the distance and altitude of the UFOs.

MUFON was in awe, okay. Ed Walters delivered, and he delivered authentically, by MUFON criteria.

But there was gossip, okay? There were nasty rumors and accusations from anonymous sources. There was a very real effort to discredit Ed Walters by other "experts" in the UFO community. Even though NONE of Ed Walters' photos and footage has EVER been officially debunked, Ed Walters was unofficially labeled a hoaxter.

Why? Why do you think that was?

It was because Ed Walters' story and his photos and footage were TOO PERFECT. It's, like, Ed could pretty much take UFO pictures at will. If there was a camera in his hand, he could take a UFO picture. Nobody knows why, least of all Ed. He just claimed that "he knew" when they were in the area, he could hear them buzzing in his head.

But the Walters case is a prime example of how a prolific photographer and videographer was discredited simply because his images seemed too good to be true. He's never been PROVEN to be a hoaxter, his MUFON photographs stand on their own, and he has refuted every accusation; but that doesn't change the fact that most people automatically think the Ed Walters case is a hoax.

Nevermind that there were 200 other UFO sightings by other witnesses in Gulf Breeze. Ed Walters was the one who caught the heat because he had the balls to come forward, and he could deliver great UFO pictures on demand.

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