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You know, Public Radio International's "Science Friday" feature is such a bludgeoning blow to human intelligence, it makes me cringe... For example, they report on crap like radio astronomers discovering a black hole in the center of a distant galaxy.

No, Radio Astronomers haven't "discovered" anything new. You can't point to anything new that Radio Astronomy has "discovered," because Radio Astronomy is depending on ancient signals that are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions and even billions of years old.

Everything about Radio Astronomy and Astronomy and Astrophysics in general is THEORETICAL... The Big Bang is theoreticalBlack Holes are theoreticalQuasars, Magnetars, Neutron Stars, Gamma Bursts and everything else you can name in modern Astronomy is theoretical.

Let me tell you something about Astronomy — Every day, astronomers wake up in a new world, not knowing what part of their edifice of THEORY has been destroyed overnight. And astronomers are the first to admit it.

I mean, you can look at the "discoveries" made right here in our Solar System, as our interplanetary probes have drawn back the veil on the various planets, moons, asteroids and cometary bodies... WITHOUT FAIL, the closer we come to the planets and their moons and the various asteroids and cometary bodies, the LESS we find we really KNEW about them.

The Voyager probes, for example, REWROTE THE BOOKS on EVERYTHING we thought we knew about the Solar System.

Until we GO ON SITE and observe the planets and stars and galaxies at CLOSE RANGE, we can't say we know ANYTHING about the Universe, okay?

No, what we KNOW about Human Theory is that, as soon as we GO ON SITE and explore FIRST-HAND, our theories are blown out of the water. EVERY time.

That's why it's ABSURD to accept anything from Astronomers as hard, cold fact.

Astronomers don't deal in fact.

Ten thousand years from now, when we physically reach the NEAREST stars (just four or six or ten Light Years away), we're going to discover that the esteemed astronomers and physicists of the 21st Century were LAUGHABLY WRONG about EVERYTHING, okay? In fact, we're going to discover that ALL of the Astrophysical Theory of the next thousand years is laughably wrong.

Quite obviously, we have TOUCHED other planets in our own Solar System, sampled them, we POSSESS actual pieces of at least two planetary bodies — the Moon and Mars. We can sample PIECES of our own Sun as the Solar Wind interacts with Earth's magnetosphere. We POSSESS millions of meteorites that have impacted our world. We have SAMPLED the dust and gas of comets. These are all things that we have actually TOUCHED, okay?

But I'll tell you this... Until we DID touch them, until we actually sampled them, until we sent probes to Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune and Uranus, we had NO IDEA of the true nature of those worlds. Planetary researchers will be the first to tell you that practically ALL of our theories about the Solar System were WRONG prior to our going out there and investigating at close range.

Now, THAT is a fact.

Regarding extrasolar stars and planets, et cetera, I'm telling you that the next closest star to us, Proxima Centauri, could have blown up fifteen minutes ago, and we won't know it for 4 years.

There is NOTHING within our field of view from this Solar System that actually exists in real time. All the stars and "planets" (that we think we've found), and all the "black holes" and "quasars" and "neutron stars" and "magnetars" and "gamma bursters" and all that junk are just mathematical interpretations of emanations, ancient echoes that are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions and billions of years old...

Think about that.

We're studying ancient cosmological history. We're not even studying the present. We have NO IDEA what the Universe is REALLY like.

I mean, it's like forming theories about the PRESENT based on 90-year-old silent movies. Do you realize that HALF or more of the Universe may not even be out there in real time?

We just don't know.

Until we go out there and SAMPLE other worlds, SAMPLE the winds of other stars, do an actual fly-by on a neutron star or a black hole, we have NO IDEA of the true nature of those cosmological bodies.

I mean, there's no concrete, real-time evidence that a supermassive black hole exists at the center of our galaxy.  Theoretically, a black hole would draw in all this matter to create the galaxy over hundreds of millions and billions of years, right?

Unfortunately for the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy theory, there's a characteristic of virtually ALL spiral galaxies that doesn't quite FIT with the black hole theory... The fact is that those stars on the OUTERMOST RIM of the galaxy are orbiting at the SAME VELOCITY as the stars in the CENTER of the galaxy.

You understand what the problem is, right? WHAT IS THE FORCE that connects the outermost rim of the galaxy to its center, across hundreds of thousands of Light Years? It's not Gravity, because there's not enough MATTER in the observable galaxy to exert that kind of Gravity.

If it was a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, then the galactic matter closest to the black hole should be hauling ass toward the Event Horizon, approaching Light Speed, while matter 50,000 Light Years away should be LESS INFLUENCED by the black hole's gravity well.


Except, in reality, the matter 50,000 Light Years away from the CENTER is orbiting at the SAME VELOCITY as the matter whipping around the CENTER of the galaxy. Get it? The way the center of a hubcap rotates at the same rate as the tread of a tire, right? But that only works if the there is connective mass between the center and the tread.

See, the galaxies are NOT BEHAVING as though there is a black hole in their centers.

This is a profound mystery that astrophysicists attempt to explain with exotic theories such as Dark Matter existing in another dimension (again, the Fifth Dimension), bonding the galactic rim to the galactic center with some kind of super-macro-Gravity.

This culture that embraces theory as fact and injects dogmatic nonsense into the minds of children and adults via Public Radio International and the Science Channel is CLUTTERING our collective intelligence, essentially subjugating our reasoning faculties.

Our theories, everything we THINK we know about the Universe, is based on ANCIENT and obsolete data.

Electromagnetic theory is tragically flawed, for example, as it seems inextricably bound to Gravity — and GRAVITY is one of the most mysterious of all forces in this Universe. Hate to tell you this, but we do not understand the source of Gravity. Moreover, we can't understand why Gravity is such a WEAK force in the Universe compared to Electromagnetism.

If we UNDERSTOOD Electromagnetism and Gravity, if we UNDERSTOOD how these forces are related — and Einstein says they ARE related, he just never figured out HOW — we would be able to turn Gravity on and off as easily as flipping a light switch.

Alas for Einsteinian Physics, the SOURCE of Gravity and its relationship to Electromagnetism is HIDDEN AWAY from us in another dimension (the Fifth Dimension, specifically), if you lend any credence to the theories of Quantum Physics.

Alas for Quantum Physics, they can't locate the source of MASS (an oversized subatomic particle tentatively called the Higgs Boson), which precipitates Gravity in the first place. The Higgs Boson continues to elude Quantum physicists.

So, Einsteinian theories are on shaky ground because of Quantum theories, which are on even SHAKIER ground.

Einsteinian Physics are acknowledged as tragically flawed in many respects... Einstein's equations sometimes end with Infinity. Which is like throwing in the towel in the world of Physics. Modern physicists do not accept the concept of Infinity, okay? They hate it like poison. According to the foremost physicists, there is no such thing as Infinity.

To the foremost physicists, the Universe is entirely Finite... It's the only way we can make our erstwhile "understanding" of the Universe work.

Einstein's General and Special Relativity are INCOMPLETE THEORIES. The Unified Field Theory is INCOMPLETE. Einstein never solved it. He was right about bits and pieces, but that's like knowing Beef Stew has potatoes and carrots in it, but not being able to find the Beef, and having no idea what the other ingredients might be.

So, as you see, the OLD physics are wrong, and the NEW physics won't work until we find several missing bits first.

No, you can't say that because PARTS of Einsteinian Physics have been proven, then ALL Einsteinian theories are FACT. They're not. Einstein was WRONG about a LOT of things. Recent results from the CERN LHC are showing, in repeated testing, that Light Speed is not the fastest thing in the Universe; rather, Neutrinos seem to be hella faster than Light.

Neutrinos travel so fast, they pop in and out of our four-dimensional universe like ghostly shadows. So, Einstein was apparently wrong about Light Speed being the Universal speed limit.

We're at a crossroads right now, at which we KNOW Einstein wasn't right, but we can't figure out WHERE we're going wrong in Quantum Physics (String Theory, M Theory, et al).

I mean, that's how close we are to starting over at Square One in modern Physics.

So, NO, theory — especially Scientific theories backed up by repeated testing for decades — ARE NOT more valid than conventional guessing. Scientific theories are NOT "facts," okay, any more than 98% certainty is the same as CERTAINTY.

 They're two different animals.

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