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Why would the Roswell Incident in 1947 affect the technological future of Mankind?  There are those who contend, you know, that we scrambled around a New Mexico ranch in 1947, gathering up pieces of a crashed flying saucer, and that all our technology from 1947 to the present is based upon the twisted debris of a crashed flying saucer.  Not a UFO, but a FLYING DISK.  Hey.  The army identified it.

I mean, I would be more inclined to think that Nikola Tesla was a time traveler who landed in the late 19th Century, inasmuch as his numerous patented inventions — from the Alternating Current Induction Generator to Radio to Fluorescent Lighting to Solid State Logic Gateways and more — completely CHANGED the world so dramatically that they seemed to come from another century.

Yet we know Nikola Tesla's biography, we know when and where he was born, we know his childhood, it's all documented. Same thing with Albert Einstein. Same thing with Max Planck. Same thing with Charles Steinmetz.

These people advanced our knowledge by CENTURIES over what came before, 40 years before Roswell.

Yet conspiracy theorists point to a bunch of debris in a remote field in New Mexico in 1947 as the START of our technological advances in the 20th Century.

That's bogus.

The transistor, for example, was the result of years of research and development — it didn't just pop into existence after Roswell. And LASER technology was being researched in the 1920s and 30s, for petesake, as was stereophonic recording and television.

All of these technologies have demonstrable development paths. None of them just appeared out of thin air.

As I said, the genius that suddenly arose out of the late 19th Century is more amazing than the technological TOYS we developed later in the 20th Century. I mean, Tesla was patenting technology that is the foundation of all our computer technology today — hardware developers are still amazed to find that their "new" creations were already patented back in 1898 by Nikola Tesla.

If there was deliberate time travel interference in the 20th Century, I don't see it back in the 1940s. Now, the 1960s were another matter altogether. It was that decade in which we decided to "go to the moon and do the other things"... And then JFK was assassinated. And then his brother was assassinated. And then we gave up on interplanetary travel, we just GAVE UP on colonizing the Moon.

Somebody didn't want us going to the Moon in the 60s and 70s, I think. They wanted to redirect our interests as a civilization. And that meant assassinating those inspiring figures. Killing ideas. Killing inspiration.

So, yeah, I think we had a glut of Time Travelers in the 60s and 70s. But not in the 1940s.

What I see from the one-hundred-thousand-foot overview is that the sea change in our thinking and technology came in the late 19th Century with the Second Industrial Revolution, from the 1870s through the early 1900s. THAT was like a technological renaissance, with great minds from around the world collaborating to bring these marvelous inventions into existence. It wasn't just a revolution among mathematicians and physicists, it was an industrial engineering revolution, as well.

Look at John Browning. Developed a 45 automatic handgun in 1911 that was so revolutionary, he changed the way firearms were made — the mechanical design of that gun is the same today as it was a hundred years ago, they only make cosmetic adjustments. It was a design for the ages. Browning also designed a revolutionary 9mm handgun in 1922, with just awesome balance and accuracy, and it, too, became an icon among handguns.

Man, can you imagine living back in the late 19th Century, as these mind-boggling technologies started bursting forth upon the world — The telephone, electric lighting, automobiles, airplanes, and much more, all within a span of 40 years?

I mean, the Second Industrial Revolution was a MAJOR break from thousands of years of mundane subsistence existence.

In the overview, it looks like Time Travelers hit us in the mid-to-late 19th Century, rather than the 1940s.  

Or perhaps the Second Industrial Revolution was just a confluence of normal research & development cycles, sort of like all your biorhythms coming together over a period of three glorious days or something.

Well, yeah, I can see that.

But I wasn't suggesting that Time Travelers actually interfered in the Second Industrial Revolution. I was saying that the Second Industrial Revolution, of all periods of technological advance, could be mistaken for Time Travel interference, because the late 19th Century was the REAL BEGINNING of all our modern problems.

I mean... In the 1890s, the middle of the Second Industrial Revolution, there were only 900 million human beings on the entire planet. A mere one hundred years later, there were over 6 BILLION, and the majority of this new herd are dependent on modern medicine and charitable donations.

Without that tenuous scientific and charitable infrastructure — the privileged few supporting the needy MASSES — I'm guessing that 4 billion or so human beings would just die off because they can't fend for themselves. In other words, we've invited waaay too many people to a woefully under-catered party in the last 100 years.

Science made this possible, Science precipitated every dilemma we now face in the world, yes? Overpopulation, atmospheric and hydrospheric pollution, nuclear annihilation, pandemic super-diseases, automated war drones, et cetera, et al, ad infinitum. Science brought this to us.

Yes, of course it did.

Now, Science could try to slither out of responsibility for destroying the world with its usual caveat: Science is just a method of thinking, a fallible but self-correcting method of thought. And who could blame a mere method of thinking, what? Sure, Science is blameless for all these horrors we now face that we never faced in the previous 250,000 years of our existence as a species.

No. Science doesn't get to wash its hands and walk away. It would be too easy to blame all this on Time Travel interference or sinister extraterrestrials or back-engineered alien technology. But our downfall is going to be the result of good old Mankind screwing up and failing to think things through before he acts. And that's where Science is guilty as hell.

In the end, the seething masses are gonna come after the scientists. And it won't be pretty. 

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