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While I find crop circle history fascinating, I'm always frustrated with the believers who ask us to accept that the crop circles of the UK are a likely means of communication from non-human intelligence.

It makes no sense whatsoever that an advanced technological intelligence would choose a means of communication that was so easily turned into a three-ring circus by Human "artists"... Face it, Humans turned crop-circle creation into an art contest wherein the designs became more and more elaborate until they were positively LAUGHABLE.

We KNOW that Humans CAN do these things. We KNOW that Humans CONTINUE to do these things, and they do them for their own amusement.

I mean, an intelligent non-human species that has been OBSERVING Human civilization for tens of thousands of years would KNOW that their attempts at crop circle communication could and would be corrupted by mischievous Humans, right?

Right. They may as well be writing astrophysical equations in the sand down at the beach. It's NOT a viable means of communications.

I put it to you that if an intelligent non-human species wanted to communicate with us on a level BEYOND the ability of Humans to corrupt the message, the non-human species would do so in such an extraordinary manner that it was beyond dispute... like engraving a 3000-foot-high cliff-face at Yosemite, and doing so overnight.

There is NOTHING about the "coded messages" in wheat fields that is so extraordinary that Humans couldn't hoax them. Crop circles provide no concrete information that is BEYOND Human imagination and ability. That simple fact negates the other-worldliness of crop circles, as far as I'm concerned.

Why would a non-human intelligence use a MEDIUM of communication that Humans could so easily manipulate to our own ends?

The FACT is that Humans DO create crop circles, even the most elaborate crop circles. Humans CREATED Binary coding. Humans could just as easily create a message intended to frighten and/or mislead the remainder of Humanity.

Crop circles in Binary, therefore, are NOT a viable means of non-human communication.  

By the time non-human intelligence is trying to WARN US of impending doom — using phrases such as "BEWARE" — the free will of the Human species is a moot consideration. A warning is a warning.

Why not just drop flyers over the population? A UFO flying low and dropping propaganda flyers?

There have been instances of fringe-theory mathematical formulae popping up in unlikely places.

Things That Fall Out Of The Sky

The July 25, 1973, edition of the Albany, New York Times Union reported the unusual case of Bob Hill. Hill, the owner of radio station WHRL of North Greenbush, New York, was taking out the station garbage at 4:15 P.M. when he noticed “twirling specks” falling from a distance higher than the station’s 300-ft. transmitter. He followed two of the white objects until they landed in a hayfield. The objects turned out to be two sets of formulas and accompanying graphs, which apparently explained “normalized extinction” and the “incomplete Davis-Greenstein orientation.” No explanation has been made public. The Davis-Greenstein mechanism is used in astrophysics.

The Davis-Greenstein papers were WAY OUT on the fringe of astrophysical theory in 1973. But were the Davis-Greenstein papers of extraterrestrial origin? Unlikely. How they happened to come fluttering down from hundreds of feet in the sky is open to conjecture. But that doesn't mean non-human intelligence was at work.

Just so, a mathematical equation appearing in a crop circle is no indication of extraterrestrial or non-human intelligence at work. We KNOW humans can and do create crop circles. We KNOW humans invented Mathematics. And there is no indication that Mathematical equations exist anywhere else in the Universe except between the ears of Human beings.

Therefore, we can safely assume that mathematical equations in a crop circle are wholly Human creations.

When the nature of the message is a WARNING, it doesn't matter who wants to know and who doesn't. When Paul Revere rode through the Massachusetts townships, shouting "The British Are Coming! Make Haste!" his message fell on the ears of both Patriots and Loyalists, okay?

When the message is a warning, there's no need to parse words — you convey a sense of urgency, and those who heed the warning will heed it.

Don't get me wrong... I know that a certain small percentage of crop circles are the real deal — they're usually simple circles, but the vegetation is energetically deformed from within the stalks, sometimes there are tektites (microscopic meteors) at the scene, and measurable electromagnetic anomalies are recorded at "real" crop circles.

The elaborate, artsy crop circles are invariably hoaxed. Sometimes publicly and proudly hoaxed.

The Doug & Dave crop circles went out the window long ago, right. Those guys I suspect were disinformation agents who attempted to sign their names to something beyond their ken.

There have been crop circles on almost every continent, and the most credible ones (as anomalies) tend to occur where people won't see them, and without the convenient irrigation trails to hide human footprints. I mean, there are crop circles that happen in marshes where Humans can't access, and more recently there have been crop circles discovered out on iced-over lakes.

I think the "real" crop circle phenomenon is a poorly understood energy vortex phenomenon, and there's the possibility that it occurs naturally. I don't think there's any intelligence behind it at all.

There will always be those, however, who try to take credit for the sunrise and who sign their names to the tides.  

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