Friday, January 27, 2012


Beyond all the Einsteinian Light Speed mumbo jumbo, Science is now telling us that it may be possible to communicate information across incomprehensible distances without actually traversing Space, and do it instantaneously.

In real-time.

You realize that, if we can instantaneously transmit Information across Space (and everything is Information), then we could eventually teleport ourselves to any point in the Universe. We could teleport, say, an entire self-sustaining colony to a planet orbiting Vega, 25 Light Years away, as fast as snapping your fingers.

That totally does away with these cumbersome, theatrical starships zipping around the galaxy, pummeling each other in meaningless dogfights.

But why stop there?

If we were so inclined, we could put Human colonies ANYWHERE in the UNIVERSE as easily as spitting out watermelon seeds. That's the implication of instantaneous information transmission.

But check this out... We wouldn't have to actually leave home to do this. See, unlike the Transporter that you see in Star Trek, our Teleporter doesn't disassemble human beings and reassemble them somewhere else.

Star Trek's Transporter implies Matter and Energy traversing Space-Time. That aint happenin'

A non-local synchronized teleporter would read all the information it needed to build YOU, and then it would instantly assemble you out of the available matter at your destination. On the other side of the Universe, if that's your target.

It builds a Doppelganger of you, see?

So now you can explore and colonize to your heart's content, if that's your intention, without leaving home. And the big bonus is that you're telepathically linked to the doppelganger, because your minds are virtually identical and exist in the same string dimension, and another bonus is that either one of you can die or be destroyed and the other can take his place immediately. Ha!

Yes, you're now flirting with immortality, which is one characteristic of godhood; but you're also bilocating, which is another characteristic of gods, appearing in two or more places simultaneously.

But there's another godly aspect of your character now — If you can teleport yourself across the Universe to the most remote destinations, then you can ALSO retrieve information about your destination, bring it back and assemble the destination in your backyard.

So you never had to leave in the first place.

You could lounge on your patio in Aspen and tan by the light of Cygnus X-1 simultaneously.

Which means you're physically manipulating the Cosmos now, and THAT behavior is so far beyond the Civilization scale that you're, well, you're the next in line to God.

See, we're not very far away from intellectual godhood... That's what the Tree of Knowledge story was all about. Yeah, Humans are Gods-in-training. However, it's our lower instincts that will draw out our evolution for millions of years.

We KNOW we're special and deserve better, and we're impatient as hell to achieve our godhood.  Look at all our entertainment — it's all supernatural forces and supernatural characters performing miracles and defeating arch-villains.  We're chomping at the BIT to be God.

Make no mistake, Humans are unique in the Universe. We understand the physics to juggle star clusters, right, but physically we are still burning vegetation for warmth. That's our curse, we're some sort of hybrid of God and animal.

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