Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is evidence (DNA evidence, as well as archaeological evidence) that prehistoric Europeans followed the massive polar icewall across the North Atlantic, arriving in the vicinity of the mid-Atlantic coast of North America as long as 20,000 years ago — making Europeans the first humans to discover the Americas, nearly 10,000 years BEFORE Eastern Asians crossed the Bering Land Bridge to this continent.

DNA evidence indicates that several Eastern American tribes — such as the Cherokees — were descended of Western European Caucasians as long as 20,000 years ago, and that Asian Mongols didn't colonize the continent until some 10,000 years afterwards.

The absolute OLDEST piece of human technology ever discovered in North America is a 20,000-year-old stone spearhead, found amid fossilized Mammoth bones on the East Coast of the continent. The style of the spearhead MIRRORS the style of stone weapons used in Western Europe over 20,000 years ago — it does NOT, however, even remotely match Asian-style spearheads used at the same time.

Therefore, Western Europeans were already stomping about the Americas long before anyone else. It's not too much to assume that they brought back something to smoke and otherwise imbibe from the New World, and it's not too much to assume that prehistoric trade existed between Europe and the Americas (some 15,000 years before the rise of Egyptian civilization and 16,000 years before Chinese civilization was born).

Given that ancient mummies of very technically advanced Western Europeans have been discovered in the Alps and as far east as China, predating both Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, there is a very high likelihood that Western Europeans SEEDED the civilizations in Egypt and Eastern Asia.

Certainly, the very ancient Western Europeans were already using metallurgy, sophisticated textiles, antibiotic medicines, and acupuncture therapy LONG BEFORE Imhotep "invented " medicine and over a thousand years before the Chinese "invented" the wondrous technologies erroneously attributed to them.

I know, it's a hateful thought to the politically-correct drones out there, but Western Europeans have always been far ahead of the human pack in global exploration, conquest and technological development, even during the Ice Age.

But I have no problem accepting that Western Europeans brought back tobacco and cocaine from the Americas, long before the invention of agriculture.

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